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European Regional Master's Degree in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe

Robert van Voren's profile

Affiliation: Tbilisi Ilia State University, Kaunas Vytautas Magnus University, Global Initiative on Psychiatry
Full title: Dr
Address: P.O.Box 1282
1200 BG - Hilversum - Netherlands
Tel.: 0031 - 65 - 1534123


Main scientific activities

  • teaching and research

Books and other main pubblications

  • Political Psychiatry (Dutch, English, Polish), 1983
  • Schaakmatch tegen de KGB (Dutch; “Chess-match against the KGB”), 1986
  • Koryagin: a Man struggling for Human Dignity (English), 1987
  • Op Zoek naar Robert van Voren; a biographical sketch of ir.S.K.Luitse 1917-1945 (Dutch; “In Search of Robert van Voren”), 1987
  • Gorbatsjov: tussen Hoop en Illusie (Dutch; “Gorbachev: between Hope and Illusion”), 1988
  • Perestroika of Destroika (Dutch), 1988
  • Soviet Psychiatric Abuse in the Gorbachev Era (editor; English), 1989
  • Levenslang – Tussen dissidenten en waanzin (Dutch), 2009
  • On Dissidents and Madness (English), 2009
  • Cold War in Psychiatry (English), 2010

Edited Books

  • Nationalism in the USSR (editor; English), 1988 
  • Five Years Gorbachev (editor; English), 1990

Main recent articles

  • "Snezjinevskiisme, sovjetpsychiatrie en glasnost "(Snezhnevskiism, Soviet psychiatry and glasnost), in Van Goedoever, P. and Naarden, B., Gorbatsjov en Stalin’s erfenis, H&S Publishers, 1989 
  • "Mental health policy in former Eastern Bloc countries" (with Toma Tomov, Danius Puras and Rob Keukens), in Knapp, M.,, Mental health policy and practice across Europe, Mc Graw/Hill, New York, 2007
  • "De ontwikkeling van de geestelijke gezondheidszorg in Oosteuropa en de voormalige Sovjetunie" (Mental health in Eastern Europe and the former USSR), (with Rob Keukens) in, Oosterbaan, D., Psychiatrie over de Grens, Free Musketeers, Zoetermeer (NL), 2008
  • "Most probably the best professor of forensic psychiatry", in Liber Amoricum Prof. Dr. Dick Raes, Wolf Legal Publishers, 2009
  • "Lost history: memories of pre-war Podbrodz-Pabrade in Lithuania", in Donskis, L. (ed.), Baltic volume of the Eastern Europe Studies series by Peter Lang, 2009
  • "Abuse of psychiatry for political purposes in the USSR: a case-study and personal account of the efforts to bring them to an end", in Helmchen, H. and Sartorius, N. (eds), Ethics in Psychiatry – European contributions, Springer, 2010
  • "Political abuse of psychiatry", in Dudley, M.(ed), Oxford Textbook on Mental Health and Human Rights, Oxford University Press, 2010     

Other pubblications

  • "Westerse psychiatrische literatuur in Oost-Europa" (Western psychiatric literature in Eastern Europe), in Nederlands Tijdschtrift voor Geneeskunde (Dutch Medical Journal), volume 15, issue 3, 21 January 2006
  • "Reforming forensic psychiatry and prison mental health in the former Soviet Union", in Psychiatric Bulletin, Vol. 30, No. 4, April 2006
  • "Istorija kartojasi", in Istorijos, Spalis 2007
  • "Opnieuw politiek misbruik van de psychiatrie in Rusland?" (Again political abuse of psychiatry in Russia?), in Maandblad Geestelijke Volksgezondheid, February 2008
  • "Politiek misbruik van de psychiatrie in de Volksrepubliek China" (Political Abuse of psychiatry in the People’s Republic of China), in Maandblad Geestelijke Volksgezondheid, April 2008
  • "Geestelijke gezondheidszorg in Oosteuropa en de voormalige Sovjetunie" (Mental health in Eastern Europe and the former USSR), with Rob Keukens, in Elsa, volume 9, issue 1, February 2009
  • "Political abuse of psychiatry – a historical overview"; in Schizophrenia Bulletin, November 2009

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