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Workshop: " South-Eastern Europe and the European Migration System: driving forces and new patterns of mobility?"

Venues: Liege (Belgium)
Period: September 13-14, 2010
Application deadline:  June 15, 2010

Workshop: " South-Eastern Europe and the European Migration System: driving forces and new patterns of mobility?"

The workshop will cover the above topics and the following broad themes:

- Historical and current migration links between the EU-27 and the SEE region: the 2004 Eastward enlargement process coupled with the Romania and Bulgaria accession in 2007 reshaped the European migration space while contributing to a substantial increase of East-West mobility and to transformations in the migration realm allowing different types of mobility inside the European continent;
- New and old typologies of migration flows; their conceptualisation and transformation: East-West mobility is changed and will change again because of economic, demographic and policy factors as the reshaping of the Schengen area and the new Schengen borders, the visa liberalisation process involving several South-Eastern European countries and their progressive accession to the EU, the readmission agreements with Russia, Moldova and Ukraine;

- The impact of the global economic crisis on the SEE migration processes: experts seem to agree that the crisis will have an impact on every kind of migration, but they disagree on what the impact may be; return migration will be the most prominent form of migration, but the extent and magnitude of these flows is still an open issue for debate;
- The migration patterns and integration processes of the SEE and CEE countries in comparison: thanks to the EU enlargement processes, the unidirectional East-West perspective of some migration analysis makes possible investigations into migration patterns which include multidirectional typologies;

- Symmetries and asymmetries of the SEE countries migration policy in relation to the EU-27 immigration policy formation: the EU system goes slowly in the direction of harmonization; on the contarry the CIS countries’ system is characterized by mixed trends of integration and disintegration.



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Information & contacts

Paolo Ruspini, University of Lugano
address: Oudezijds Achterburgwal 237
1012 DL Amsterdam, Netherlands
tel.: 0031.20.525.3715
fax: 0031.20.525.3628


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