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Friday February 23, 2024
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The Journal section on PECOB provide a rich and up-to-date list of academic journals dealing with Central Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Very often these journals are published by academic institutions based in Eastern Europe, while others are international publications promoted by centers whose main research focus lies in Central Eeastern Europe and the Balkan countries.
Among these journals, PECOB highlits the Journal Southeastern Europe (JSEE), made in in cooperation with the Europe and the Balkans International Network, and the journal of the Italian Association of Slavists (AIS), Studi Slavistici.

picture of Journal of South Eastern Europe

Journal Southeastern Europe (JSEE)

JSEE is a peer-reviewed journal that aims to publish innovative research on contemporary developments in Southeastern Europe. Southeastern Europe embraces multi- and interdisciplinary scholarship and comparative approaches.

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picture of Studi Slavistici

Studi Slavistici

Studi Slavistici is an AIS initiative and it is the first scholarly Italian journal devoted to this discipline systematically published online.

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Other journals

PECOB provides a large collection of academic journals about Central-Eastern Europe and the Balkans, organized by topic. Some of these also offer the possibility to download free articles and pieces of analysis.

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