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The death of Tito, the death of Yugoslavia.

by: Ralf Dizdarevic
original title: La Morte di Tito, la Morte della Jugoslavia
published by: A. Longo editore
pp: 544
ISBN: 88-8063-282-5
price: € 24.79

Book's frontpage

Accounts of ex-Yugoslavia’s politicians have been particularly useful in the last few years.
Still, Raif Dizdarevic’s work stands out for two reasons: the first is that the author is Bosnian, the first of many – Serbs, Croats and Slovenes – who have undertaken the task of writing about the collapse of Yugoslavia.
Secondly, and in contrast to other similar attempts, these memories cover an entire decade and not just the last phases prior to the country’s collapse.
This approach proves successful and the reader will find in Dizdarevic’s pages the most important and controversial events leading Yugoslavia from Tito’s last days to the catastrophe. The political suicide of a state is thus presented in relation to the mechanisms of communist power, which Dizdarevic got to know intimately from the time he was a partisan until he became president of Bosnia, president of the federal parliament, foreign minister and finally president of the Yugoslav federation.


Table of contents

Introduction by Stefano Bianchini
Chapter one
Tito’s illness and death
Chapter two
The first years after Tito. Political disputes and initial conflicts
Chapter three
The economic crisis and the impotence of institutions. The first serious split at the top of the party 
Chapter four
The international situation and Yugoslavia’s foreign policy after Tito
Chapter five
The months of Yugoslavia’s destabilization
Chapter six
The virus of separatism in Slovenia
Chapter seven
Grim assessments at the end of 1988
Chapter eight
The crisis of January
Chapter nine
Kosovo, the country’s most serious political problem
Chapter ten
The role of the armed forces in the Yugoslav crisis
Chapter eleven
The world begins to ask itself whether Yugoslavia will survive
Chapter twelve
Finally, the supreme question
Afterword by Aziz Hadzihasanovic
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