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Nationalism. Political cultures, mediation and conflict.

edited by: Silvia Matteucci 
original title: Il Nazionalismo. Culture Politiche, Mediazione e Conflitto
published by: A. Longo Editore
pp: 200
ISBN: 88-8063-256-6
price: € 15.49

Book's frontpage

In this book, in many ways unique in the panorama of Italian publishing, the debate over nationalism which for more than a decade has occupied an important place in international academia, is enriched with new contributions and specific analyses.
The topic is dealt with here from the perspective of pre- and post-communist political cultures and open or latent conflicts in Eastern Europe. Some essays focus on the topic from a theoretical point of view, offering the reader unprecedented food for thought.
These are followed by three case studies on Kosovo, Crimea and Moldova, an “on the ground” examination of the aspects of inclusion-exclusion and order and disorder which have had a profound influence on democratic transition in the Balkans and the Black Sea area.
This book deals originally and dynamically with these topics through comparative analysis of the regional context, thus allowing the reader to grasp the transversal dynamics that are so much more significant than they appear from a merely national perspective.  


Table of contents

Introduction by Silvia Matteucci

George Schöpflin, The future of central and eastern Europe: three perspectives of the 20th century

Stefano Bianchini, Political culture and democratization in the Balkans

Anna Krasteva, Identity and power: the communist and post-communist debate on minorities

Case Studies
Stefan Troebst, The conflict in Kosovo, 1998

Francesco Strazzari, The Autonomous Republic of Crimea between Ukrainian state, Tatar nation and Russian identity

Silvia Matteucci, National identity and conflict in Moldova: an ethnic or political issue?

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