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From multinational empires to the post-communist transition. Eastern Central Europe between XX and XXI century

Venue: Rome (Italy)
Period: May 14, 2010


The conference will focus on the area of Eastern Central Europe during the XX and the XXI century, and it will anlayze in particular the process of transition from multinational empires to the post-communist age.
During the conference two books will be introduced:
- Balcani 1908. Alle origini di un secolo di conflitti, edited by Alberto Basciani and Antonio D'alessandri;
- Quei bellissimi anni Ottanta… La transizione post-comunista nell'Europa centrale e orientale, edited by Gizella Nemeth and Adriano Papo.
In the occasion, the first issue of the journal PoloniaEuropae ( will be introduced as well. 
See the program of the conference (in Italian only).




Organizer and Partners

  • Italian Association for the studies of history of Eastern Europe
  • Department of International Studies

Information & contacts

Italian Association for the studies of history of Eastern Europe
website: (in Italian only)
Department of International Studies
Mr. Mario Innucci

address: Via Chiabrera 199,
00145 Rome, Italy
tel.: 06.57335207 or 06.57335286
fax: 0039.06.57335280 or 0039.06.57335285


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