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Post-Communist Economies

Post-Communist Economies publishes key research and policy articles in the analysis of post-communist economies. The basic transformation in the past two decades through stabilisation, liberalisation and privatisation has been completed in virtually all of the former communist countries, but despite the dramatic changes that have taken place, the post-communist economies still form a clearly identifiable group, distinguished by the impact of the years of communist rule. Post-communist economies still present distinctive problems that make them a particular focus of research.

Editorial board

Morris Bornstein - University of Michigan, USA
Clifford Gaddy - The Brookings Institution, USA
Philip Hanson - CREES, University of Birmingham, UK
Tomas Mickiewicz - SSEES, University College London, UK
Bruno Schönfelder - Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany
Ljubo Sirc, CBE - Center for Research into Post-Communist Economies, London, UK
William Tompson - OECD, France

Advisory board

Vladimir Bukovsky - Cambridge
Hélène Carrère D'Encausse - Paris
Hannelore Hamel - Marburg
Henri Lepage - Paris
Silvana Malle - Verona
Keith Miles, OBE - London
Gerhard Prosi - Kiel
Karl-Ernst Schenk - Hamburg
Alfred Schüller - Marburg
Domenico Settembrini - Pisa
Trevor Tarring OBE - London
Daniel Tarschys - Stockholm
Jan Winiecki - Warsaw
Walter Wittman - Fribourg
Andrzej Brzeski - Davis, CA
Alejandro A. Chafuen - Fairfax, VA
Gregory Grossman - Berkeley, CA
Steven H. Hanke - Baltimore, Maryland
John H Moore - University Park, Florida
Svetozar Pejovich - College Station, Texas
Roger W. Robinson Jr. - Washington, DC
Vladimir Treml - Durham, North Carolina
Stephen Cheung - Hong Kong
Shinsaku Hogen - Tokyo
Kenzo Kiga - Tokyo
Naomi Moldofsky - Melbourne

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