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Europe-Asia Studies

Europe-Asia Studies is the principal academic journal in the world focusing on the history and current political, social and economic affairs of the countries of the former 'communist bloc' of the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and Asia. At the same time, the journal explores the economic, political and social transformation of these countries and the changing character of their relationships with the rest of Europe and Asia.
From its first publication in 1949, until January 1993, the title of Europe-Asia Studies was Soviet Studies. The Editors' decision to change the title to Europe-Asia Studies followed the collapse of the Soviet Union at the end of 1991. It reflected the belief that countries of the former ‘Soviet bloc' would gradually become more closely linked with both Europe and Asia, while continuing to present distinctive topics for research as a consequence of their specific experience. In 2007 the Editors took a further decision to extend the journal's scope to include China and other Asian countries that are or were under communist rule.

Editorial board

Dr Robert Arnot - British Council
Professor Richard Berry - University of Glasgow
Dr Eamonn Butler - University of Glasgow
Dr Sally Cummings - University of St Andrews
Professor Jane Duckett - University of Glasgow
Dr Rick Fawn - University of St Andrews
Dr Martin Ferry - University of Strathclyde
Dr Moya Flynn - University of Glasgow
Dr David Galbreath - University of Aberdeen
Dr Marc Lanteigne - University of St Andrews
Professor Evan Mawdsley - University of Glasgow
Dr Irene McMaster - University of Strathclyde
Professor Martin Myant - University of the West of Scotland
ProfessorSarah Oates - University of Glasgow
Dr Jonathan Oldfield - University of Glasgow
Professor David J Smith - University of Glasgow
Dr Alison Stenning - University of Newcastle
Professor Geoffrey Swain - University of Glasgow
Professor James White - University of Glasgow
Professor Stephen White - University of Glasgow

Advisory board

Dr Sarah Badcock - University of Nottingham
Professor Mark Bassin - University of Birmingham
Dr Bhavna Dave - SOAS, University of London
Dr Murray Frame - University of Dundee
Karen Henderson - University of Leicester
Dr Derek Hutcheson - UCD School of Politics and International Relations
Dr Melanie Ilic - University of Gloucestershire
Dr Dejan Jovic - University of Stirling
Dr Elena Korosteleva - University of Aberystwyth
Dr Jenny Mathers - University of Aberystwyth
Dr Dominique Moran - University of Birmingham
Dr Neil Robinson - University of Limerick
Professor Richard Sakwa -University of Kent
Dr Svetlana Stephenson - London Metropolitan University
Professor Graham Timmins - University of Stirling
Dr Cathie Carmichael - University of East Anglia
Dr Galina Yemelianova - University of Birmingham

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