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Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants, Digital Asylum-seekers: The Clash of Cultures

Conference venue: Sibiu (Romania)
Period: June 22-24, 2010
Deadline for submitting abstracts: March 19, 2010
Deadline for submitting full papers: July 23, 2010

Notification of abstracts acceptance: April 8, 2010
Registration deadline: April 20, 2010

Description of the conference

Internet and digital media have changed young people lifestyle and their participation on civic life. Children today use every day and with great ease computers, mobile phones, mp3, much more readily than their parents ever could. At the same time however, digital technologies facilitate young people’s life but exclude their parents who hardly perceive them. The aim of the conference is to analyse various forms of engagement, in inter-generational contexts and family settings, of youth and  also older adults with digital technologies and how they relate to various forms of social and cultural capital. During the conference obstacles and difficulties of this new digital media will be analysed with attention.

Eligible topics for the conference

Papers should deal with:

  • Learning in a digital world;
  • Playing in a digital world;
  • Socializing in a digital world;
  • Participating in a digital world.

Guidelines for submission

Abstracts should be in English only and should be not longer then 500 words. They should contain a clear outline of the argument, the theoretical framework, and where applicable methodology and results. 

Panel proposals should consist of at least four individual contributions combining a panel abstract with individual abstracts, each abstract
maximum of 250 words.
Abstracts and registration to the conference should be submitted to:
Conference website:


A consortium of eight European institutions, including University of Bucharest, University of Ankara, Porto Polytechnic Institute, Free University Brussels, Institute of Mobile Technologies for Education and Culture (IMOTEC), ONAGEB.SPAIN, Polo Europeo della Conoscenza,  Asociatia Epsilon III.

Information & contacts

University of Bucharest
address: 36-46,M. Kogălniceanu Bd, Sector 5, 70709, Bucharest, Romania
tel: +40-21-3077300
fax: +40-21-3131760
University of Ankara
address: Ankara Üniversity Rektorate, Dögol Caddesi 06100 Tandoğan/Ankara/Turkey
tel: +90 312 2126040 (9 Lines)
fax: +90 312 2126049
Porto Polytechnic Institute
address: Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, 712  4200-465 Porto, Portugal
tel: +351 225 571 000
fax: +351  225 073 464
Free University Brussels
address: Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Elsene, Brussels
tel: +32 (0)2/629.21.11
address: Saltoniskiu str. 58, Vilnius LT06107, Lithuania
tel/fax: +370 5240 9519
address: C/ Angel Ganivet nº 8 4º A Izda 50008 Zaragoz, Spain
tel/fax: +34 976590683
European Pole of Knovledge
address: Stefano Cobello, Via Pio Brugnoli 36 Fumane Verona Veneto 37022, Italy
tel: +39 34826818983
fax: +39 0452109960
Asociatia Epsilon III


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