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Facing The Past Facing The Future

Confronting Ethnicity And Conflict In Bosnia And Former Yugoslavia

edited by: Florian Bieber and Carsten Wieland
published by: A. Longo editore
pp: 176
ISBN: 88-8063-464-X
price: € 25.00

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Bosnia-Herzegovina has seen a decade of post-war reconstruction. As Bosnia has seen substantial advances in comparison to the immediate post-war period, Croatia and Serbia have democratized and the wars of the region have come to an end. Nevertheless, none of the societies has yet come to terms with the recent past.
The political system in Bosnia furthermore consolidated some of the divisions over which the war was fought. This book brings together political scientists, sociologists, and historians in a multi-disciplinary study of post-war Bosnia. The articles in this book examine ways in which the past in Bosnia and in the region is being addressed, the post-war system of government and the challenges it poses for self-sustainability.
Other contributions focus on the perception of Bosnia and the conflict in the West, in particular in North America. The contributions challenge the notion of rigid national belonging constituting a natural cause of confrontation. Instead, the articles demonstrate how Western perceptions and the legacy of the conflict have contributed to reconstruction without reconciliation.


Table of Contents

Introduction, Carsten Wieland
Carsten Wieland, Demolishing the myth of homogeneous "ethnic" blocks - Bosnia in comparative perspective

Part One - Facing the Past
Senada Selo Sabić, Post-War State Building: Germany in 1945 and Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1995
Biljana Bijelić, Balkans, Stereotypes, Violence and Responsibility
Eric D. Gordy, What does it mean to break with the past?

Part Two - Ethnic Conflict from a Distance - a Misunderstanding?
Chris O'Sullivan, Observations on the U.S. News Media and the Resolution of Ethnic Conflict: its Influence on Public Opinion and the Process of Peace-Building
Margaret Vandiver, Teaching Students in the United States about Genocide in Bosnia: Challenges and Possiblities

Part Three - Facing the Future
David Chandler, Undermining Politics: The International Fight against Corruption in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Florian Bieber, Power Sharing, Political Representation and Group Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina


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