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"A World without Walls". An International Congress on 'Soft Power', Cultural Diplomacy and Interdependence

Venue: Berlin, Germany
Period: Nov. 6-9, 2009

The Congress

Organised on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, "A World without Walls" will bring together an international group of young leaders, political and diplomatic representatives, and individuals from the private sector and civil society for a four-day program of lectures, seminars, and panel discussions.

During the program, participants will consider the development of international relations over the past two decades, explore the challenges and opportunities of interdependence, and look at the importance of cultural diplomacy and “soft power” in ensuring sustainable multilateral cooperation.

Beside a general focus on the historic Soviet-West relationship, Turkish-Greek relations regarding Cyprus, Turkish-EU relations and multi-ethnic, multi-religious state identity in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be key topics of the Congress. Read the Congress timetable

The speakers will be renowned figures from international politics and distinguished professors in the field, including former Heads of State, former Foreign Ministers, and other European Ministers. Know more about the speakers

Participants will be awarded a certificate of attendance at the end of the program.
On November 9th, the final day of the program and exactly 20 years following the fall of the Berlin Wall, the participants will join in the celebrations the citizens of Berlin.

Application and costs

Interested people will have to fill in and submit the online application.

The participation cost is €195, which should be transferred by individuals after they have been accepted.
The organisation can provide weeklong public transportation tickets at additional cost. Accommodation and travel expenses are at participants own charge.


  • Institute for Cultural Diplomacy
  • CivWorld/Demos

Information & contacts

Institute for Cultural Diplomacy
address: Keithstr. 14
10787 Berlin, Germany
tel. 0049.(0)30.23607680
fax. 0049.(0)30.236076811


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