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Europe Meets Russia: A Forum for Young Leaders

Venue: Berlin (Germany)
Period: Apr. 28 – May 2, 2009

The event

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy organises a meeting in Berlin to examine the state of the European-Russian relationship today, and to consider the role of cultural exchange in supporting this relationship.
Developping contacts on both a social and professional level, participants will benefit from insights and presentations from leading figures in the fields of international relations, business, academia, and the media.

Taking part in seminars, workshops and podium discussions, participants will discuss and analyse in depth several issues relating to cultural diplomacy in general, as well as to the European–Russian relationship more specifically, including:

  • An introduction to the field of cultural diplomacy
  • An overview of the recent history of European-Russian relations
  • A consideration of Russian and European interpretations of democracy
  • Respective cultural influences – Russia in Europe & Europe in Russia
  • Music, art, and sport as platforms for cross-cultural interaction
  • Stereotypes as a divisive influence in the European-Russian relationship

How to participate

The participation fee is 195 Euros, to be paid by successful applicants once they have been informed of their position. Application can be submitted online.


Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

Information & contacts

For further information, contact

Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

address: Keithstr. 14
D-10787 Berlin, Germany
tel. 0049.(0)30.2360.7680
fax. 0049.(0)30.2360.76811


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