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From the Adriatic to the Caucasus: viable dynamics of stabilization

edited by: Stefano Bianchini, Susan L. Woodward
published by: Longo Editore Ravenna
pp: 494
ISBN: 88-8063-393-7
price: € 25.00

Book's frontpage

Following upon a previous research project on the dynamics of destabilization in the Adriatic-Caspian corridor (published in this series in 2001), this volume explores some viable conditions for its stabilization. An international team of prominent area experts reminds Western policy makers of the importance of stabilizing the countries bordering an enlarged European Union; the dangers of neglecting them in the wake of the anti-terrorist campaign that has followed the attacks against the USA on September 11th; and the relevance of key factors they identify for sustainable stabilization after a decade of instability and war.
Structured as a series of thematic chapters and seven case studies (Abkhazia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cyprus, Kosovo, Macedonia, Nagorno-Karabakh, and Serbia), the book emphasizes the crucial interdependence of local and external factors and suggests that democratization and selective incentives are not sufficient tools if they are not supported by a long-term strategy for effective state building, regional cooperation, and the genuine prospect of EU membership for the Balkans and at least a policy of reassurance and standardization for the North-East Black Sea area.
Such a framework significantly increases the prospect that controversial issues related to minorities, territories, balance of power, and a market economy - as well as the challenges of globalization to nation states - can and will gradually find solutions.



Susan L. Woodward

Part One - The Main Factors of Stabilization
George Schopflin
Stability and Instability: Theoretical Considerations in the  Relationship between the West and the Non-West

R. Craig Nation
Military Contributions to Regional Stability

Andrea Segrè
From Conflict to Sustainability: the Contribution of  Sustainable Development Policies to Stabilization

Fabio Zuccheri
The Role of Education in Stabilizing Southeastern Europe and  the New Independent States

Part Two - Local Actors, between Stabilization and De stabilization
Vladimir Goati
Serbia: Factor for Stability in Southeastern Europe

Dušan Janjić
Kosovo and its Neighbors
Mario Zucconi
Improving the Western Ability to Manage Crises in the  Balkans: Lessons of the Macedonian Armed Conflict of 2001

Gianni La Ferrara
International Engagement and the Quest for Bosnian  Stability: time for a change ?

Francesca Arato
The Case of Cyprus

Francesco Strazzari
Nagorno-Karabakh: from Nobody's to Everybody's Intervention

Albert Bininasvili
The Georgian-Abkhazian Conflict: in Search of Ways Out

Stefano Bianchini



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