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Sunday November 28, 2021
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News from the Prague Monitor


Apple Pushing Right Buttons

Summer vacations are awesome, right? Returning from a break isn’t that much fun anymore. Before diving back into your emails and projects, let me get you an idea of how things were while you were gone. After years of shaking out who is who, Google Pay and Samsung Pay are pretty much the only Android players left in the mobile wallet transaction market in the United States — both supporting a pretty big variety of mobile phone brands. The bad news, though, is that they are both getting slaughtered by Apple Pay. A study by Pulse, an electronic funds transfer company, has been published, stated that payments using Apple Pay account for the staggering 92% of all mobile wallet payments The post Apple Pushing Right Buttons appeared first on Prague Monitor / Czech News in English.

31/08/21 21:22

Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

The second week of the 16th Paralympic Games, this year hosted in Tokyo, are in full swing. The Czech Paralympic team has already achieved several admirable accomplishments. The 2020 Games are scheduled between 24th of August and 5th of September 2021. The first medal for the Czech paralympic team was acquired by the Czech paralympic athletes David Drahonínský and Šárka Musilová. Together, they won a silver medal in the archery discipline for mixed couples. Aleš Kisý, representing the Czech Republic in the men’s shot put discipline placed second and won a silver medal for the Czech team. Kisý has already participated in four previous tournaments of the Paralympic Games, however, this year is special for him since it is the The post Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games appeared first on Prague Monitor / Czech News in English.

31/08/21 21:21

Military transport plane to fly the President

The CASA C-295 military aircraft is a transport plane capable of transporting 71 soldiers or three ‘light’ land vehicles. On Tuesday 31st of August, the Czech President Miloš Zeman had used this plane to transport himself to Brno, just a little over 200km away. Many are criticizing the use of such heavy equipment with high environmental impact for the transport of just a few people. Nevertheless, the spokesperson of the President’s office at the Prague castle, Jiří Ovčáček, argues that the plane with a range of 4,300km was perfect for the short trip. The President used it to arrive at the ceremony which kicks off the school year, which will take place at the Elementary school on Merhautova street in The post Military transport plane to fly the President appeared first on Prague Monitor / Czech News in English.

31/08/21 21:21

The heating season is starting

According to a Decree of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the heating season should take place between September 1st and May 31st, but heating providers are only required to start servicing their customers once the daily average temperature falls under 13 °C for two consecutive days. It seems that this could occur very early this year. Last year, the heating companies only started providing warmth to their customers at the end of September, but due to this year’s cold August, many customers are already asking when will the extra heat come to their houses. Pensioners and families with small children are in the greatest need of heating, as their bodies are worse at keeping the right temperature, thus they The post The heating season is starting appeared first on Prague Monitor / Czech News in English.

31/08/21 21:21

Cities have lost a tool that made people move

There is a vicious circle connected to the housing of socially weak people in the Czech Republic. They are often offered housing in older buildings with less amenities, which leads to a lower standard of living. While a lower level of luxury for people that are less well-off is expected, these conditions are often very drastic, as molds often grow on their walls and clean water can be an issue. Nevertheless, many of those living in such building often end up paying extortionate prices, which seldom let them get back up on their feet. The owners of these buildings know how much money these people are getting from the government, and they rob them of that money, without even using The post Cities have lost a tool that made people move appeared first on Prague Monitor / Czech News in English.

31/08/21 21:21

News from the Prague Tribune


News from České


Na většině území Česka hrozí do pondělního poledne náledí a zmrazky

Praha - Na většině území Česka hrozí náledí a zmrazky, pokud zmrzne roztátý sníh, kterého do večera napadne někde až 15 centimetrů. Výstraha Českého hydrometeorologického ústavu...

28/11/21 15:01

Florbalistky čeká Polsko, v roli favoritek budou hájit první místo

Uppsala (Švédsko) - České florbalistky po sobotní úvodní výhře nad Švýcarskem 5:2 nastoupí v pondělí od 19:00 ve druhém duelu na mistrovství světa v Uppsale proti Polsku a v roli jasných...

28/11/21 14:59

Definitivní výsledek mutace omikron bude u ženy z Libereckého kraje známý dnes

Liberec - Definitivní výsledek koronavirové varianty omikron bude u ženy z Libereckého kraje, která se vrátila z africké Namibie, znám ještě dnes. ČTK to řekl mluvčí Krajské nemocnice...

28/11/21 14:53

Vojtěch: Očkování by mohlo být povinné i ve Vězeňské službě, pro učitele ne

Praha - Očkování proti covidu-19 by mohlo být povinné i ve Vězeňské službě a zpravodajských službách, pro učitele ne, řekl dnes ministr zdravotnictví v demisi Adam Vojtěch (za ANO)...

28/11/21 14:40

Na pražské Letné se sešly tisíce odpůrců protiepidemických opatření

Praha - I přes nepříznivé počasí se dnes na pražské Letenské pláni sešly tisíce odpůrců vlády a opatření proti pandemii covidu-19. Svolalo ji hnutí Otevřeme Česko - Chcípl PES...

28/11/21 14:33


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