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Sunday November 28, 2021
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U.S. Navy Says It Rescued Two Iranians Adrift In Gulf Of Oman

The United States Navy said on November 28 that it had rescued two Iranian mariners who had been adrift aboard a fishing vessel for eight days in the Gulf of Oman.

28/11/21 12:35

Baking Armenian Lavash With Bare Hands, Fire, And Love

When Armenians bake the flatbread known as lavash, they incorporate Christian rituals and family knowledge -- but there aren't many who still practice this culinary craft at home. Knarik Torosian is one of a few elders in her village who still makes lavash in an underground wood-fired oven, saving her stockpile of homemade bread to last through the long winter.

28/11/21 11:03

Turkey, Turkmenistan Vow To Boost Trade Ahead Of ECO Summit

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was in Turkmenistan for talks on November 27 with his counterpart, Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov, and to attend a summit of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) on November 28.

28/11/21 09:12

Rescue Workers Continue Recovering Bodies From Russian Coal-Mine Disaster

The bodies of five coal miners who were killed when an explosion ripped through a mine in the Siberian region of Kemerovo on November 25 have been recovered and brought to the surface, local officials reported.

28/11/21 08:56

Austria Arrests 15 Smugglers Plying Balkan Migrant Route

Austrian authorities have busted a human trafficking network that brought hundreds of migrants into the country through the Balkans.

28/11/21 04:17

Early Results In Kyrgyzstan's Parliamentary Elections Show Pro-Government Parties Leading

Parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan are headed for a record low turnout as polls prepared to close.

28/11/21 00:51

The Instagram 'Influencers' Trying To Make Old Romanian Buildings Cool

Born of neglect for Romania's historic buildings and other cultural heritage, a small movement is afoot to harness their beauty and back stories to inspire public preservation efforts.

27/11/21 21:28

Roads Blocked In Protest Against New Serbian Laws Decried By Environmentalists

For the second weekend in a row, several thousand demonstrators blocked roads in several locations in Belgrade on November 27, causing big traffic jams in protest against newly amended laws that lower the referendum threshold and allow for the swift expropriation of private property, if it's deemed to be in the public interest. Environmentalists claim the bills, once signed by the president, will help fast-track major business projects, such as the bid by international mining company...

27/11/21 20:01


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