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Saturday April 17, 2021
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Doctors Warn That Jailed Russian Opposition Leader Navalny At Immediate Risk Of Cardiac Arrest

Jailed Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalny's health has rapidly deteriorated and he could suffer cardiac arrest "any minute," according to doctors demanding immediate access to the prominent Kremlin critic.

17/04/21 18:26

'Fight For Life' Demonstrators Call For Stronger Anti-COVID Measures In Sarajevo

Several dozen protesters marched, honked car horns, and rallied in Sarajevo on April 17, calling on the country’s parliament to remove the government, which they accuse of poor management of the COVID-19 pandemic in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Organizers of the protest -- called “Fight For Life” -- accuse the cabinet of being responsible for delays in the procurement of vaccines. Activists also called for mandatory PCR tests upon entry into the country.

17/04/21 18:13

Iran Nuclear Talks Make 'Progress' In Vienna

Talks on Iran's contentious nuclear program have reportedly made progress, despite Tehran's announcement that it was increasing uranium-enrichment levels closer to weapons-grade levels. 

17/04/21 17:47

Amnesty International Decries Russian Prosecutor's Call To Label Navalny Organizations As 'Extremist'

Amnesty International has sharply criticized a request by Russian prosecutors to have the Anti-Corruption Foundation of imprisoned opposition politician Aleksei Navalny banned as an “extremist” organization.

17/04/21 14:23

Iran Names Suspect In Natanz Centrifuge Attack

Iranian state television has identified a suspect in an April 11 attack on the Natanz nuclear site that damaged centrifuges used to enrich uranium.

17/04/21 12:26

Ukrainian National Gets 10-Year Sentence In U.S. Hacking Case

Ukrainian national Fedir Hladyr has been sentenced to 10 years in prison in the United States after pleading guilty to participating in the FIN7 hacking group.

17/04/21 10:17

Russian Military Buildup Raises Tensions, Risks Of Broader Conflict Over Ukraine

Analysts are loath to predict what will happen next as Russia continues a military buildup near Ukraine’s borders and in Crimea. Analysts say the risks are high and there are real dangers that fighting in the Donbas could spill over into a broader conflict.

17/04/21 09:51

Russia Expels Ukrainian Diplomat In St. Petersburg

Russia has announced that it has expelled a Ukrainian consul in St. Petersburg, Oleksandr Sosoniuk, after detaining the diplomat on suspicion of trying to obtain classified information.

17/04/21 09:42


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