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News, analysis websites and blogs dealing with Macedonia

Here you can find basic information about news and analysis websites dealing with Macedonia, as well as websites of news agencies and blogs from Macedonian scholars and researchers, with direct links.

Macedonian Information Centre (MIC)

Name in Macedonian: Македонски информативен центар
Description: Founded in 1992, MIC is a private Macedonian news agency providing information mainly to the international community.
Language: English

Visit the website of the Macedonian Information Centre (in English)

Macedonian Information News (MIA)

Name in Macedonian: Македонска информативна агенција
: MIA is a public information service. Established by a desicion of the Macedonian Parliament in 1992, it began its work in 1998.
Languages: Macedonia, English

Visit the website of Macedonian Information News (in Macedonian)


Description: Founded in 1992, Makfax is a Macedonian indipendent news agency.
Languages: Macedonian

Visit the website of Makfax (in Macedonian)

Net Press

Name in Macedonian: Нет Прес
Description: Founded in Skopje at the beginning of 2007, Net Press is an independent news agency which provides online news and information only in Macedonian language.
Language: Macedonian

Visit the webiste of Net Press (in Macedonian)


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