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Tuesday February 07, 2023
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Ria News Agency

Meta Kenyan Moderator Abuse Case 'a Strong Precedent' for Other Countries, Expert Says

On Monday, a court in Kenya ruled that Meta* could be sued in the country on charges related to forced labor, human trafficking, and freedom of association. This came as part of a lawsuit filed against Meta and its partner by a former outsourced moderator on the charges listed above as well as insufficient mental health support for employees.

07/02/23 16:14

Bans, Bucks & Bureaucracy: Twitter Files Co-Author Taibbi on Big Tech's Collusion With Feds

Journalist, author, podcaster, and Twitter Files co-author Matt Taibbi has sat down with Sputnik to discuss the bombshell Twitter Files; Big Tech's collaboration with the FBI, DHS, White House, and CIA, sophisticated censorship tools, the utility of Hamilton 68, and the mainstream press' longstanding obsession with Russiagate myths.

07/02/23 16:13

UK May Launch Digital Pound This Decade, Authorities Say

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - A digital pound is "likely to be needed in the future," with the UK authorities likely to decide on its introduction in the second half of this decade, the UK Treasury and the Bank of England said on Tuesday.

07/02/23 15:46

Russians & Africans United By Common Mentality, Says Scholar

African-Russian relations were established during a crucial period in history, when the peoples of Africa, who fought for independence, started throwing off the consequences of colonialism and began building their own statehood. Many of them turned for assistance to Moscow, which never hesitated in supporting the new states.

07/02/23 15:25

What Did Russia, Mali Agree on During FM Lavrov's Stay in Bamako?

BAMAKO (Sputnik) - Sergey Lavrov arrived in Mali early on Tuesday from Iraq for talks with Mali’s transitional President Assimi Goita and Foreign Minister Abdoulaye Diop.

07/02/23 15:00

Baltic Times


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