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Tuesday January 18, 2022
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Ria News Agency

Synagogue Hostage-Taker Arrived in US Weeks Before Attack, Stayed at Christian Shelter - Reports

44-year-old Pakistani-born Malik Faisal Akram from Lancashire, UK, on January 15 held four people hostage, including one rabbi, for ten hours in a synagogue near Dallas, US. All captives were released, but Akram was shot and killed during an anti-terrorist operation.

18/01/22 02:46

Djokovic May Lose Chance to Get Grand Slam Again as France Toughens COVID-19 Restrictions - Reports

The number 1 men's tennis player, who is a vocal opponent of vaccine mandates, was deported from Australia on Sunday, shortly before the Australian Open, after losing a court battle to have his visa rejection reversed.

18/01/22 02:30

No ‘Charisma’, ‘Dull Personality’: Trump Says DeSantis Could Never Beat Him in 2024 - Report

Virtually all polls over the past year have shown that Trump, if he decides to run, remains the undisputed leader of the Republican primaries in the 2024 election. But when pollsters remove Trump from the hypothetical lineup, DeSantis is the favorite of Republican voters.

18/01/22 00:55

Stop ‘Bullying Behavior’: Iran Slams US Attempts to Set Deadlines on Vienna Talks - Report

On 3 January, the eighth round of negotiations to restore the Iranian nuclear deal in its original form and bring the US back to the agreement resumed in Vienna, Austria after the holiday break. The remaining parties agreed to accelerate the process of work on the draft texts and complete it by early February.

17/01/22 23:57

Arab Coalition Announces Start of Strikes on Sanaa After Houthi Attack on UAE - Reports

The Houthis have claimed responsibility for the series of explosions that hit the capital of the United Arab Emirates on Monday, including near a depot of the ADNOC oil company, as well as the city airport.

17/01/22 22:23

Baltic Times


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