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The capital city of the Czech Republic still partly holds the charm of a misterious city, in spite of the fact that western lifestyle and models are twisting the appearance of a city that has long been considered magic.

All pictures have been taken by Saverio Francesco Massari in March 2005

01. Charles Bridge

The river Vltava cuts Prague in two parts. Therefore there are a many bridges crossing the river. The most famous is the Charles bridge, where artists exhibit for tourists daily.

See the picture "Charles Bridge"


02. The central square of the Old Town

A square. On the left side, the astonomical clock.

The famous astronomical clock symbol of Prague is located on the town hall tower. Every hour a particular mechanism shows to bystanders an original procession of the twelve apostles and a skeleton.

See the picture "The central square of the Old Town"


03. Wenceslas Square

A large boulevard with cars passing on both sides and a pedstrian area in the middle constitute the square. In the background, the large building of the National Museum.

The square where the main events of the Velvet Revolution took place seems to be dominated by shops and night clubs that distorted the image of the square that people had of it before the fall of the regime.

See the picture "Wenceslas Square"


04. Jewish cemetery

Hundreds of gravestones in a green field covered with leaves.

The Jewish cemetery in the ghetto witnesses the story of genereations of jews. It is in this neighbourhood that the legendary figure of the Golem in Prague takes its origins.

See the picture "Jewish cemetery"


05. The Royal Castle

A square. Besides it, a large building with high entrance gates.

The Royal castle is in fact a complex of buildings that include the Basilica of Saint George. Here took place the "defenestration of Prague" that gave start to the Thirty year's war.

See the picture "The Royal Castle"


06. The basilica of Saint George

Facade of the basilica, in gothic style, with many decorations, some of which in gold.

There are many courts connected by arches inside the castle. The facade of the basilica of Saint George is particularly impressive for its size and its richness in sculptures and decorations.

See the picture "The basilica of Saint George"


07. The golden lane

There are two small houses painted with soft rose and blue.

In the castle there a small street called golden lane where there is a numebr of small coloured houses, now mostly used as souvenir shops. In one of them used to live Kafka.

See the picture "The golden lane"


08. A mill on the Vltava river

A water whell of a mill in a channel of the Vltava river.

The river allowed for the construction of water mills: it is still possible to see some of them.

See the picture "A mill on the Vltava river"


09. View from the castle

A panoramic view of Prague. There are mostly small houses, a few bredges crossing the river, and some wood among houses.

The castle is located on the highest part of Prague and it is the best place to have a panoramic view of the city and the many bridges that cross the Vltava.

See the picture "View from the castle"


10. Strange pilasters

Two pilasters at the sides of a door are in facts two sculputrues of sad musicians that bear a balcony on their shoulders.

The architecture of Prague is very varied in style. These pilasters are just an example.

See the picture "Strange pilasters"


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