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Ukrainian radio and television channels

Here you can find basic information about Ukrainian radio and television channels, with direct links. Many of them offer the possibility to watch or listen to the broadcasts in live streaming.

24 Tv

Description: 24TV is a Ukrainian news only channel. It is possible to watch its broadcast live through the internet.
Language: Ukrainian

Visit the website of 24 tv

Channel 5

Name in Ukrainian: 5 канал
Description: 5 Kanal is a television station in Ukraine formerly controlled by businessman Petro Poroshenko. The channel became well known as the first major broadcaster during the 2004 presidential election offering critical broadcasting on candidate Viktor Yanukovych. The whole staff of the channel went on hunger strike when (at the time, late 2004) the government threatened to close it. According to Ukrainian media watchdog Telekrytyka Kanal 5 and TVi were the only remaining TV channels mid-May 2010 with independent and fair TV news coverage.

Visit the website of the Channel 5

Espreso TV

Description: Espreso TV is a privatly owned TV channel from Kiev, Ukraine. It was founded in 2013. It mainly broadcasts the most current and most relevant news to people in Ukraine, to Ukrainians living abroad, and to all others interested in what is happening in Ukraine. Espreso TV aims to unite those who care about democratization of Ukraine and is dedicated to accurate and objectivereporting of political, social, and cultural life in Ukraine.
Language: Ukrainian

Visit the website of Espreso TV


Name in Ukrainian: Громадське ТБ
Description: Hromadske.TV is an Internet television station in Ukraine that started to operate on 22 November 2013. The project was announced in June 2013 by 15 journalists. It is registered as an NGO.

The idea originated from journalist Roman Skrypin in September 2012.After the April 2013 ownership dispute at TVi 31 journalists resigned from TVi on 29 April 2013, they believed as TVi employees they could not anymore "guarantee our audience to provide objective and unbiased information". They then announced on 30 April 2013 to set up a "web project in which we will do the same job". The former TVi 31 journalists eventually became employed by Hromadske.TV. Including the well known (in Ukraine) Mustafa Nayem. The project was also joined by journalist Yulia Bankova, because she "in 2010, working at Pershyi Natsionalnyi for the first time [got] confronted with censorship". The project was officially announced in June 2013 by 15 journalists. A Russian counterpart Hromadske.TV Russia lasted only three months due to exhausted financial resources.

The channel was planned to start to operate in September 2013. But its first broadcast was on 22 November 2013, at 14:00. It was originally scheduled to start at 18:00; but this time was moved forward a few hours in response to the 21 November 2013 Ukrainian government decree suspended preparations for signing of an EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. During the (following) Euromaidan-protests the channel saw its numbers of viewers heavily increasing. These Euromaidan-protests were caused by the same reason (the 21 November 2013 Ukrainian government decree) as to why the channel started to broadcast earlier (on 22 November 2013).
Languages: Ukrainian

Visit the website of the Hromadske.TV

National Radio of Ukraine

Name in Ukrainian: Національна радіокомпанія України
Description: The national radio of Ukraine provides a rich news service, with archived news available since 2004. It is possible to listen to the radio in online streaming, as well as downloading news bulletins in any of the official languages of the website.
Languages: Ukrainian, English, German
Archive: since 2000, freely available

Visit the website of the National Radio of Ukraine

Ukraine Today

Name in Ukrainian: Ukraine Today
Description: Ukraine Today is a Ukraine-based private international satellite television channel broadcasting in English. The channel, which is owned by the Ukrainian 1+1 group and headquartered in Kyiv, presents round-the-clock news bulletins aimed at the overseas news market.
Language: English

Visit the website of Ukraine Today

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