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News, analysis websites and blogs about the Baltic republics

Here you can find basic information about nes and analysis websites dealing with the Baltic republics, as well as news agencies and blogs of scholars and academicians, with direct links.

Baltic Business News

Description: Baltic Business News, based in Estonia, provides daily updated information about economics in Estonia and the Baltic countries. Artilces are generally very short, and offer a quick glimpse of the most important daily events in the region.
Language: English, Estonian, Russian
Archive: since 2002, freely available

Business and the Baltic

Title in Russian: Бизнес & Балтия
Description: "Business and the Baltic" is a Russian language weekly business magazine based in Latvia. It deals primarily with economic and financial issues of the three Baltic republics.
Language: Russian
Archive: since 1995, partially available

City Paper Online

Description: The City Paper is an English language monthly magazine distributed in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Its focus is more on light topics, travel, cultural events and leisure. It has been published since 1991. It now belongs to the same publishing house as The Baltic Times.
Language: English
Archive: since 2006, news highlights freely available since 1998

The Baltic Times

Description: The Baltic Times is probably the most popular English language newspaper distributed in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. It deals with current political, economical and cultural events, and offers a large business section.
Language: English
Archive: since 1998, for subscribers only


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