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Journal Southeastern Europe (JSEE)

Aim of the journal

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Eastern Europe has disappeared, first, in the reemergence of the distinction between Central and Balkan Europe, and second, in the integration of the former to the European Union. Eastern Europe is dead, long live Southeastern Europe. Transitology is out of fashion.

What comes next? The Journal Southeastern Europe does not aim at constructing a new single paradigm but to be a pioneer in contextualization and conceptualization of South East European developments. Three pillars build its theoretical universe:


The journal Southeastern Europe has interest in both results of theoretical research and informed policy debate, implications of research for policy innovation, analysis of the outcome of previous initiatives.

Structure of the journal

The content of the Journal is structured in six parts:

Editorial Board

Covers and Table of Contents of Volumes

Volume 39 No3 2015


Brill, The Leiden

Information & Contacts

If you want to know more about the Journal Southeastern Europe and subscribe visit the JSEE webpage.

Mr Marco Puleri
Editorial Manager
Corso della Repubblica 117
47121 Forlì(FC) - Italy
tel. 0039.0543.36304

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