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European Regional Master's Degree in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe
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MA in Russian Studies


Russian language abilities in all aspects must be at least beyond the third-year college/advanced level before beginning degree candidacy.
Language expectations: Students should be able to show, over the course of their studies, a reading knowledge of French, German, Old Church Slavonic, and, for programs with a linguistic emphasis, a second Slavic language.
Students concentrating in early Slavic should also be prepared to work with Latin and Classical Greek.

Program requirements

Course work

Ten approved courses (30 credits), usually with the following fields:

  • Russian stylistics and composition
  • History of the Russian language or Early Russian literature
  • Upper-division Russian literature courses
  • General linguistics
  • Old Church Slavonic or Old Russian
  • Advanced electives chosen in consultation

Comprehensive examinations

Sector I (General qualifying examinations)

  • Russian language: phonology, grammar and basic history
  • Russian literature: history, significant figures, works, movements and dates for the early, classical, and modern periods
  • Slavic linguistics: analysis of early texts, basic philological techniques, application of the principles of linguistic analysis to the problems of Slavic linguistics

Sector II (Special field examinations)

  • Early Slavic linguistics and culture
  • A literary genre (poetry, drama, short prose, the novel--any one)
  • A specific period, author, or movement in literature or philosophy
  • The Russian language--advanced proficiency and specific problem areas
  • A special approved topic (e.g. Linguistic theory, Russian history, Soviet ideology, etc.)

Application requirements and deadline

In order to apply to this program, you must submit your GRE General Test (strongly recommended), at least two letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, a writing sample (highly recommended, preferably in .pdf format). Get detailed information about specific application requirements at the application webpage of The Boston College
The deadline to apply for Fall 2008 is January 15, 2008

Information and contacts

For further information contact:

Director of Graduate Studies
Prof. M.J. Connolly
Dept of Slavic and Eastern Languages
address: Boston College / Lyons 210
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467-3804
tel. 001.617.5523912


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