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Illustration Galleries

01. Traffic jam in the periphery of Tirana

Cars and trucks queue in a five lanes road.

Tirana is well known for its chaotic traffic conditions; this phenomenon is partiularly evident in the periphery of the city where all roads from the provinces meet, causing frequent traffic jams.

See the picture "Traffic jam in the periphery of Tirana"


04. The long boulevards of Tirana

Picture taken from a bus showing a long boulevard without cars with trees at its side.

In the central area of the city there are long boulevards with trees on each side that head to the central square.

See the picture "The long boulevards of Tirana"


06. Monument to Skanderbeg

Albanian flag is waving next to a statue of a warlord riding a horse, and in front of a minaret

This is a monument dedicated to the famous Albanian warlord Skanderbeg. He is considered to this day symbol of national pride and unity. Besides the monument, there is the most ancient mosque of Albania.

See the picture "Monument to Skanderbeg"


07. Trying to have a dialogue

A smiling nun in a long and ligth gown is discussing with a man wearing a muslim cap and holding a book in his hands

Inside a Mosque, a catholic nun and an imam discuss about the interpretation of the Koran. In spite of the fact that there are different religions in Albania, there seems to be peace among them.

See the picture "Trying to have a dialogue"


09. New residential areas

A row of many-coloured new residential buildings.

The fact that a new social class is growing is supported also by the constructions of these new residential areas carefully protected by fences and gates.

See the picture "New residential areas"


10. The National Museum

A large mosaic over the entrance of a building with people dressed with clothes typical of different times. In the centre, a woman waves her rifle and a man waves a red flag

The facade of the National Museum is decorated with a large mosaic triumphally illustrating the history of Albania since Illiric times to its more recent Socialist past.

See the picture "The National Museum"



This section contains photographic galleries of central eastern europe and balkan countries.



08. A mill on the Vltava river

A water whell of a mill in a channel of the Vltava river.

The river allowed for the construction of water mills: it is still possible to see some of them.

See the picture "A mill on the Vltava river"


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