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Saturday June 22, 2024
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Art Galleries

03. Ender Hoxha Mausoleum

On the right, a piramidal structure, on the left, a modern building with a large Raiffeisen Bank sign on it

In the Tirana town-centre there is a number of important multi-national financial companies just a few steps from the mausoleum that Enver Hoxha had built in his honor.

See the picture "Ender Hoxha Mausoleum"


09. New residential areas

A row of many-coloured new residential buildings.

The fact that a new social class is growing is supported also by the constructions of these new residential areas carefully protected by fences and gates.

See the picture "New residential areas"



This section contains photographic galleries of central eastern europe and balkan countries.



08. A mill on the Vltava river

A water whell of a mill in a channel of the Vltava river.

The river allowed for the construction of water mills: it is still possible to see some of them.

See the picture "A mill on the Vltava river"


09. View from the castle

A panoramic view of Prague. There are mostly small houses, a few bredges crossing the river, and some wood among houses.

The castle is located on the highest part of Prague and it is the best place to have a panoramic view of the city and the many bridges that cross the Vltava.

See the picture "View from the castle"


10. Strange pilasters

Two pilasters at the sides of a door are in facts two sculputrues of sad musicians that bear a balcony on their shoulders.

The architecture of Prague is very varied in style. These pilasters are just an example.

See the picture "Strange pilasters"


01. Saint Florian's gate

A tower over a gate, part of the city walls

Saint Florian's gate is connected with the central square of Cracow by Ulica Floriańska, one of the most crowded streets of the town centre.

See the picture "Saint Florian's gate"


05. Wawel Cathedral

A composite cathedral. One of the cupola is covered with gold

The most ancient buildings of Cracow are located on the Wawel hill. In the picture, you see the cathedral where the crowning of Polish kings used to take place, and where they were buried after their death.

See the picture "Wawel Cathedral"


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