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Central and Eastern Europe Handbook

Part of the Regional Handbooks of Economic Development Series


Edited by: Patrick Heenan and Monique Lamontagne
: Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers, Routledge
Date of Publication: 1999, 2013
pp: 350
ISBN: 978-1-57958-089-6
price: $160

Front Cover

Each volume in the Regional Handbooks of Economic Development series examines key issues affecting the economic growth of the region. The series is designed to help the general reader understand a variety of complex factors - social, political and economic - that will bear on a region's economic growth. The Handbooks begin with two to three chapters that situate a region's economic conditions and initiatives within an historical and political context. There follow some 20 chapter-length essays, each prepared by a recognised expert in the field, analysing such factors as population, natural resources, foreign trade, banking and financial structure, as well as the role of multinational corporations, the labour situation and distribution of wealth within the region. Each volume closes with a series of appendices that include a detailed chronology of events in the region; a glossary of terms; biographical entries on key personalities; an annotated bibliography of further reading; and an index. This volume has been described as providing "useful in depth information on the historical chronology of each area since 1939, a political who's who and details of ethnic groups."


Table of contents

Editor's Note
Map: National Fronteirs and Capital Cities in Central and Eastern Europe

Context and Prospects

1) Andrew H. Dawson: Poland
2) Mark Pittaway: Hungary
3) Wayne C. Thompson: The Baltic States
4) Martin Myant: The Czech Republic and Slovakia
5) John Bristow: Bulgaria
6) David Turnock: Romania
7) Will Bartlett: Communism in Yugoslavia and Albania
8) Will Bartlett: Serbia and Montenegro
9) Gavin Gray: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Macedonia
10) Shinasi A. Rama: Albania

Economic and Social Issues

11) Tamás Novák: Sources and Uses of Energy
12) Andrew H. Dawson: Agriculture
13) Tamás Novák and Csaba Novák: The Transformation of Manufacturing
14) Łukasz Konopielko: Banking and Other Financial Services
15) Kalman Dezseri: Economic Relations With Russia
16) David Turnock: Regional Development
17) Boian Koulov: Minorities, States, and Conflict

International Relations

17) Bogdan Szajkowski and Nieves Pérez-Solórzano Borragán: Relations with the Wider Europe


Political and Economic Institutions
Ethnic Groups

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