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Bosnia-Herzegovina since Dayton: civic and uncivic values


edited by: Ola Listhaug and Sabrina P. Ramet
published by: Longo Editore Ravenna
ISBN:  ISBN (EAN): 978-88-8063-739-4
price: € 35.00

Book's frontpage
Bosnia-Herzegovina since Dayton: civic and uncivic values

Seventeenyears after the Dayton Peace Accords, Bosnia-Herzegovina is still dealing withthe effects of the war which raged on its territory from early 1992 untilautumn 1995. This volume examines all aspects of Bosnia’s post-war transition,with special attention to values, as played out in the schools, the media, andcollective memory.

Cover Illustration: courtesy of Sabrina P. Ramet



page 9.  Sabrina P. Ramet
Bosnia-Herzegovina since Dayton – An Introduction

49.  Joseph Marko
Ethnopolitics and Constitutional Reform in Bosnia-Herzegovina

81.  Boris Divjak and Michael Pugh
The Political Economy of Corruption in BiH

99.  Fikret Čaušević
Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Economy since the Dayton Agreement

119.  Marko Valenta and Zan Strabac
Refugee Return in Post-War Bosnia-Herzegovina

137.  Kristen Ringdal, Ola Listhaug, and Albert Simkus
Bosnian Civic Values in a European Context

159.  Albert Simkus
Divisions within Bosnia and Herzegovina on Core Values: Effects of nationality, gender, age, education, and size of place of residence

183.  Siniša Zrinščak
Religion and Society in Bosnia and Herzegovina

205 Pilvi Torsti
Rival histories & textbook reform in Bosnian textbooks 1992-2009

225.  Valery Perry
Classroom Battlegrounds for Hearts and Minds: Efforts to Reform and Transform Education in Post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina

247.  Andrew Wachtel
Contemporary Bosnian Fiction: History in Diaspora

261.  Sanin Hasibović
Media Transitions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

285.  Harun Karčić
Islam after Communism in Bosnia and Herzegovina: a brief Study

309.  Florian Bieber
Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina

329.  Sarah Correia
The politics of memory in Bosnia’s Republika Srpska

351.  Mitja Velikonja
Between Collective Memory and Political Action: Yugonostalgia in Bosnia-Herzegovina

369.  Zachary T. Irwin
Bosnia and the European Union

393.  Sarah Correia
Conclusion – Coping with the Present, Imagining the Future: the Value of Trust and Resilience in Divided Bosnia


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