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European Regional Master's Degree in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe

A European Space of Justice

edited by: Justin Orlando Frosini, Michele Angelo Lupoi and Michele Marchesiello
published by: A. Longo Editore
pp: 344
ISBN: 88-8063-494-1
price: € 25.00

Book's frontpage

Which model of judge for an emerging Europe? Which principle of legality for a European space? These are questions that are still highly controversial that this book has attempted to answered with an original approach.
This publication is the result of two EU funded, distance learning courses forjudges from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia & Montenegro, which offered the opportunity for jurists coming from numerous countries in Europe to address fundamental topics of European legal integration. From this experience a selection of papers has been published herein.


Table of Contents

Foreword by Michele Marchesiello

Strusa Bjeković, Harmonization of the Legal System of Montenegro and EU Law
Nikola Prokopenko (updated by Ivan Damjanovski),The Approximation of the Macedonian Legal System to the Acquis Communautaire
Džemaludin Mutapčić, The Harmonisation of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Legal System with the Acquis Communautaire
Radmila Dragićevič-Dičič, The Main Innovations in the New "Yugoslav" Law on Criminal Proceedings
Alan Uzelac, The Rule of Law and the Croatian Judicial System: Court Delays as a Barrier on the Road to European Accession
Jorge Lozano Mirailes, Judges and Prosecutors: One Magistracy for Two Different Tasks
Gerardo Ruiz-Rico, How Judges Promote and Guarantee their Independence and their Autonomy: Superior Councils of the Magistrature and Judges' Associations
Gabriella Di Paolo, Is a European Culture of the "Legal Process " Really Developing?
Michele Angelo Lupoi, The Harmonization of Civil Procedural Law within the EU
Paolina Massidda, International Criminal Courts and their Impact on National Jurisdictions
Ivo Josipovic, The Implementation of International Criminal Law in the National Legal System and the Liability for War Crimes (the Case of the Republic of Croatia)


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