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WEBB - Whole Europe Beyond Borders!

Scholarship opportunities for Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and the EU

Deadline for submitting applications: Jan 15, 2013

Description of the Event

It offers scholarships for students, researchers and university staff to study, research, work or teach abroad in one of the partner Universities in the EU countries, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.
Webb is managed by a partnership of 20 Universities in Belarus Moldova Ukraine, Armenia Azerbaijan Georgia, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Sweden and the UK, coordinated by the University of Bologna.
WEBB is a partnership of 20 Higher Education Institutions created in the framework of EM Action 2 -STRAND1 Lot 5 (Armenia Azerbaijan Belarus Georgia Moldova Ukraine).

The overarching goals of the partnership can be summarised as follows:
- enhancing sector co-operation  in the field of Higher Education through structured cooperation among partner HEIs and through the involvement of regional University Networks as associate partners;
- increasing of people-to people contacts as an essential precondition for mutual understanding,  through academic mobility at all levels;
- fostering civil society and dialogue on human rights and fundamental freedoms.

More specifically, the implementation of the scholarship scheme will benefit all partner Universities as it will allow to:
- Provide more opportunities for students and staff to study and doing research abroad, thus establishing fruitful international contacts with potential future partners increase competitiveness and attractiveness of the HEI within the country and the region;
- Promote internationalisation of curricula and of the student population thanks to an increased number of foreign students on campus;
- Boosting the implementation of the Bologna process within the HEIs involved;
- Favouring contacts between HEIs in the region and improving the transparency and full academic recognition of studies and qualifications.

Finally, the project will have a strong impact on the IROs of the HEIs involved as they will be the main actors of the implementation of the project, promoting internationalisation not only at academic, but also at administrative level.



Guidelines for submission

Application can be submitted from 14th November 2012 until 15th January  2013.

For general information about WEBB project and thescholarship scheme contact the coordinating team at the University of  Bologna:

For technical queries regarding the applicationplatform, please contact


Information & contacts

DIRI - Progetto WEBB

address: via Filippo Re 4, 40126, Bologna, Italy
tel.: +39 051.2099752
fax: +39 051.2098110


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