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The Romanov Empire and Nationalism

Essays in the methodology of historical research

by: Alexei Miller
published by
: Central European University Press
pp: 250
ISBN: 978-963-9776-19-7
price: € 33.00

Book's frontpage

Russian historiography has been focused on the central state, to the power. The national historiographies of the peoples that were once part of the empire, on the other hand, concentrate on their own nation, and the empire for them is only a burdensome context in which a particular nation was “waking up,” and fighting for independence.

Miller addresses the fabric of interaction between the imperial authority and local communities in the Romanov empire. How did the authorities structure the space of the empire? What were the economic relations between the borderlands and the center? How was the use of different languages regulated? How did the central authorities and local officials implement policies regarding different population groups? How did the experience, acquired in particular borderlands, influence the policies elsewhere —among others—through officials who often changed their place of service during their careers? How did the local elites and communities react to the policies of the imperial authorities? How did they uphold their special interests if the empire encroached on them, but also—how did they collaborate with the empire and how did they use imperial resources for local interests?


Table of contents


The History of the Russian Empire: in Search of a Scale and a Paradigm

Russification or Russifications?

Identity and Loyalty in the Language Policy of the Romanov Empire at Her Western Borderland: the Case of Script and Alphabet

The Romanov Empire and the Jews

“Official Nationality”? A Reassessment of Count Sergei Uvarov’s Triad in the Context of Nationalism Politics

The Empire and the Nation in the Imagination of Russian Nationalism

The Testament for the All-Russian Idea


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