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European Regional Master's Degree in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe
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Summer University 2018 offered by Central European University


Conference venue
: Central European University, Budapest, Hungary
Period: June 24-July 22, 2018
Frst application deadline: February 14, 2018

Description of the Event

CEU offers high-level, research- and policy-oriented interdisciplinary academic one- and two-week courses in June-July 2018 in Budapest. Courses in the social sciences and humanities as well as workshops on policy issues for professional development are taught by internationally renowned scholars and policy experts.

Eligible topics for the conference

  • Green Industry
  • Innovations in Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Media Reform
  • Mediation Theory and Skills
  • Moral Epistemology
  • Policies and Practices in Lifelong Learning at Universities
  • Romani Identities and Antigypsyism
  • Strategic Human Rights Litigation
  • Territorial Sovereignty in the Age of Migration
  • The Biological and the Social between 1900 and Today
  • The Dignity of Man in Western Intellectual History, Esotericism, and Art
  • The History and Metaphysics of the Concept of Laws of Nature
  • The National and the Transnational
  • The Precautionary Principle in Sustainability Transitions: Thinking forwards, Looking backwards, Acting
  • Thinking about the possible

Guidelines for submission

Below is the list of the documents you need to prepare or arrange for submission:

- Completed online SUN Application Form
- Letter of recommendation (except for a few courses)
- A full curriculum vitae or resume, including a list of publications, if any
- Statement of Purpose
- Course-specific further requirements as listed on the relevant course web sites (research proposal, writing sample, academic records if requested, etc.)

Optional attachments:
A copy of an article in English published recently (if available)
A copy of an English language certificate (if available)

1. Online Application Form
The SUN online application form enables the online submission of the application form itself as well as all other relevant documentation, including CV's and resumes, letter of recommendation, statements of purpose and application essays (such as research proposal, case study, paper proposal, writing samples, academic records, etc.), eliminating all paper mailing to the SUN Office.
Please note that can only submit one application in the online system. In exceptional cases when an applicant is interested in participating in two courses, which is only possible if the two courses are run consecutively, s/he should contact the SUN Office at to receive instructions how to submit a second application. Financial aid is only available for attending one course.
Detailed user's instructions for the online application are included in the form itself.
The application form is password-protected.
a) In case you have started an application for our program in previous years, you can use your old login and password and can log in as a "Returning Embark User" (right-hand side of the page). In case you cannot remember your old password, click on the "Forget your password?" link.
b) In case you have not started an application before, please register first in the " New User?" section (left-hand side of the page). For registration please click on "Create an Account" and provide the requested information. Embark will send you your password by email and then you can log in and start your application, this time already as a returning user.

Should you have further questions regarding the application form, check the relevant Frequently Asked Questions section of the Summer University web site.

2. Letter of Recommendation
Applicants must have one letter of recommendation submitted (except for a few courses, which do not require a letter of recommendation). Please arrange for such a letter to be written by a recommender (faculty member, thesis- or job supervisor etc. ) who can attest to your abilities, qualifications and academic/professional performance. Please advise the referee about the title and content of the course you are applying to. The letter must reflect participation in this specific course, be written in English and be submitted by the referee online via the online application facility.
3. A full curriculum vitae or resume

Please include a list of publications, if any.

4. Statement of Purpose
In the Statement of Purpose please describe how the course is relevant to your teaching, research or professional work, and in what way you expect to benefit from it. Please list relevant courses in the field you have taken previously during your studies. You are advised to consult the detailed course description on the course web page so that the statement of purpose is in accordance with the main objectives of the course.

5. Course-specific requirements
These may include a research proposal, case study, paper proposal, writing samples, academic records, etc. Each course has different requirements, which are listed in the relevant section on the course websites.

Optional attachments

1. A copy of an article in English published recently
If you have an article published in English, please upload it in the online system.
2. A copy of an English language certificate (if available)
As proof of your English language proficiency, if you have passed a language exam, please upload a scanned copy of your English language exam result in the online system.
All application materials must be submitted electronically with the online application form. CEU does not accept application documents by e-mail or fax. Candidates who experience difficulties with the online submission of their documents should contact the SUN Office.

CEU does not return application documents, or copies thereof under any circumstances. Applications submitted after the deadline will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Information & contacts

 If you need help or more information during the application process, please feel free to contact the SUN staff:

E-mail for inquiry and correspondence:
Tel: (36-1) 327-3811
Fax: (36-1) 327-3124

WEBSITE: click here!


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