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Summer School on EU Immigration and Asylum Law and Policy – 16th Edition


Venue: Université Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium
Period: 4 – 15 July 2016
Application deadline: 10 June 2016

Brief description
: The aim of the Summer School is to provide its participants with an comprehensive understanding of the immigration and asylum policy of the European Union from a legal perspective. Classes tackle the most recent developments in the field. The latest work by the European Commission, the Council and Parliament are integrated into the teaching, thanks in particular to the participation of European officials as lecturers at the summer school.

How to apply to the Summer School

The course provides both the opportunity to live in a unique European environment, as Brussels hosts numerous European and international organisations and offers diverse possibilities of contacts, and to take part in an intellectually stimulating experience in a group of around one hundred participants interested by asylum and immigration related issues.

Participants are coming from all across Europe and typically include EU and Member States’ officials, civil societies representatives, researchers, lawyers, judges, doctoral researchers and graduate students.  Classes are conducted by academics from universities cooperating with the Network, which is represented in all Member States of the European Union, as well as Switzerland and Norway, and by high-ranking officials from international organisations, particularly the European Commission.

Each class is, in principle, given separately in French and in English.

Participation in the Summer School is rewarded with a certificate of attendance.

In the framework of the Summer School, we offer PhD seminars to a group of around 15 PhD researchers who have the opportunity to present their research and to get a feedback from a panel made of Members of the Odysseus Academic Network who are among the best specialists in immigration and asylum law in Europe.

Initiative in solidarity with refugees: In light of the current crisis, the Odysseus Network will offer scholarships to around 20 people that have recently been granted international protection in the EU.



Languages requirements

Applicants must be fluent in either English or French. The classes will be taught separately in English and in French, so that each of the participants may follow the programme in either of these two languages, in accordance with the choice originally indicated. Each class will therefore be given once in French and once in English, either simultaneously by two different teachers or in succession by the same teacher.

Certificate of Attendance

Participants who have followed the programme assiduously throughout the two weeks will receive a certificate of attendance specifying each of the courses followed. The programme will not demand any written work or exams, but some prior readings will be recommended.

Entry requirements

Applicants must have a University Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent degree of studies in Law, Political Science, European Studies or International Relations. Graduates of other disciplines (for example Sociology or Economics) will be considered depending on the content of the courses they have followed. Applicants can also rely upon relevant professional experience (for example as a civil servant, NGO employee, etc.) which can be considered as equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree.
Successful candidates will have to submit either a copy of their University diploma, or a certificate, before the start of the Summer School programme.



Application and registration fees

The programme does not receive any financial support, and is thus financed through the fees. The total tuition fees for the programme are 600 € for students up to 25 years old, 750 € for NGOs, PhDs and students over 25 years old, and 950 € for those in full-time employment. This covers classes, document pack, visits, receptions, daily coffee breaks and entertaining activities but food and accommodation are excluded.

The Network is not able to provide any grants covering tuition fees.

The closing date for applications has been set for 10 June 2016. Interested candidates are strongly advised to submit their applications as soon as possible, because of the limited number of places available. Late applications will be considered as far as possible, depending on the number of places left and the availability of accommodation.
The applicants to the Summer school are invited to pay 100€ to submit their application. This sum will be lost if the applicant backs out. This sum is reimbursed if the applicant is not selected by the Network.
Applications will only be taken into account once we receive the payment of 100 €.



Application fees must be paid as soon as possible by bank transfer.
The follow-up of your file will be made only after the payment of your application fee.

Registration fees must be paid for 20th of June by bank transfer.

The application and registration fees must be paid by bank transfer to the account number of the “Réseau académique ODYSSEUS”, BNP Fortis Bank, Pesage Branch, 16 avenue du Pesage, 1050 Brussels, Belgium,
IBAN: BE63001212238908
and clearly indicating reference “2016 Summer School” and “YOUR FULL NAME”.

In exceptional cases, with a prior agreement and after payment of application fee, payment in cash upon arrival in Brussels will be admissable. The bank fees charged to the Network for the payment of your course fees might be reclaimed from you in cash at arrival in Brussels.

Information & contacts

Université Libre de Bruxelles
Réseau Odysseus Network

C.P. 172
39, Franklin Roosevelt Avenue
1050 Brussels, Belgium

Interested parties are kindly requested to subscribe by using the registration form available on-line.

If you need it, you can also contact our Network’s Office preferably by e-mail: or by phone: 00 32 (0)2 650 4996 afternoon only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


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