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History of a young European identity (in Italian)

by: Joachim Hösler
translated by:  Piero Budinich and Sarina Reina
original title: "Slovenia. Storia di una giovane identità europea"
published by: Beit
pp: 304
price: € 20.00

Book's frontpage

Two million inhabitants in the country and another five hundred thousand Slovenes spread around other countries of the world. An economy with robust growth. A population with a strong cultural identity, different from all those around it and with a national history that began in the 1800s but has much older roots, dating back at least to when Primož Trubar, a priest who came into contact with Christian humanism and the teachings of Luther, translated part of the New Testament into Slovenian (1555), thus bringing the Protestant Reform to the shores of the Adriatic.
It continues on its own precise path up until the most recent chapter of Slovenian history, featuring a rapidly developing economy, in conflict with the irreversible crisis of the Yugoslav Federation, and finally the Republic of Slovenia’s proclamation of autonomy and independence, accession to the European Union and entry into the euro zone. A history that has forged ahead, looking at the future of Europe and possibly preceding it.  


Table of contents


Ancient and Slavic Colonization

Formation of Territorial Signoria and Colonization

Inner Austria (1447-1761)

From the Era of Joseph II to the Revolutions of 1848 (1761-1848)

From Revolution to the Outbreak of World War I (1848-1914)

World War I and the Post-War Years

The Banat on the Drava during World War II

Slovenia in Tito’s Yugoslavia

Slovenia as an Independent State (since 1991)

Epilogue by Jože Pirjevec




Index of Names

Index of Places

Sources of Photographs



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