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Russian Heritage in the Contemporary World


: Rossotrudnichestvo, London, UK
Period: 19 December 2016
Deadline for submitting paper: December, 11th  2016


The purpose of the conference is to promote collaboration between native and foreign specialists in the spheres of Russian culture, history, sociology, literature, and the Russian language. The aim is to share pedagogical knowledge on the experience and activities of the Russian diaspora in Britain and other countries and continents, including its contribution to development of local societies (primarily the British ones); preserving retention of the Russian presence in Britain; sharing efficient teaching methods of improving the level of Russian language skills; and expanding knowledge  of Russian-British relations between fellow Russian citizens and British people.

At the end of the conference a collection of materials assigned with ISBN will be published. The electronic version of the collection will be available on the website of the KNOWLEDGE IS POWER Foundation. Each participant of the conference will be issued with one author’s copy of the digest, the conference schedule and a certificate of participation. According to the licenced agreement №1658-05/2015К between the foundation and the Science Electronic Library (eLIBRARY.RU) signed on May, 25th 2015, all scholarly papers of the collection will be included in Russian Index of Scientific Quotations data base. The agreement is published on KNOWLEDGE IS POWER Foundation’s website.

The conference programme offers three ways of participation:


Presentations and conference materials are accepted in two languages: Russian and English

Russian speaking community members who reside in Britain will be paid travel expenses and accommodation if travel documents (tickets) and hotel bills are provided. Unfortunately, the conference’s facilitators are unable to pay the travel costs to those who reside outside of Great Britain or are British citizens.

Conference Sections
  • Preserving the material historical heritage of the Russian diaspora.
  • Working with younger generation: experiences, methods, and innovations.
  • Russian heritage and foreign society: local cultural and historical ties. The image of Russia in the eyes of the foreigners.
  • The role of the Russian language in increasing and spreading the Russian heritage abroad.
Conference Schedule

The registration of participants , (including videolink participants)  - 13:30
Conference opening and participants’ presentations -14:00
Coffee break - 15:30;
Roundtable discussion of the conference topics 15:50
Concluding speech of the hosts of the event 17:00


How to participate to the Conference

Each presenter and contributor will be issued a Certificate of participation in the conference.

The registration of the speakers will begin at 13:30.
We kindly ask all speakers and contributors to contact Dr. Julia Pliauksta ( or Mrs. Evgenya Schurova ( to confirm participation in the conference and discussing the technical equipment you might need for your presentation before December, 11th  2016.

The conference facilitators would be happy to discuss the scheduling of your presentation if you contact them before December, 11th 2016. The conference schedule will be completed on December, 12th 2016.


Information & contacts


Address: 197101, St. Petersburg, Kropotkina St., Bldg. 11, Office 43
Tel: +7 (911) 924 7771, Evgeniya


Address: 52 Crockehnill road, Orpington, Kent BR5 4DF, United Kingdom
Tel: +447909590440, Julia


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