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Russia - Art Resistance and the Conservative-Authoritarian Zeitgeist

edited by: Lena Jonson, Andrei Erofeev
published by: Routledge
pp: 344
ISBN: 9781138733015
price: Hardback: £115.00

Book's frontpage

This book explores how artistic strategies of resistance have survived under the conservative- authoritarian regime which has been in place in Russia since 2012. It discusses the conditions under which artists work as aesthetics change and the state attempts to defi ne what constitutes good taste. It examines the approaches artists are adopting to resist state oppression and to question the present system and attitudes to art. The book addresses a wide range of issues related to these themes, considers the work of individual artists and includes some discussion of contemporary theatre as well as the visual arts.


Table of contents

1. Introduction, Lena Jonson

Part I: The Conservative Zeitgeist and Russian Cultural Policy

2. The "Russian World", Genetically Modified Conservatism, or Why Culture Matters, Ilya Kalinin
3. The New State Cultural Policy and Visual Art, Lena Jonson
4. Neo-traditional Fits with Neo-liberal Shifts in Russian Cultural Policy since 2010, Alexander Bikbov
5. Daughterland [Rodina-Doch]: Contemporary Russian Messianism and Neo-conservative Visuality, Maria Engström
6. The Case of Hungary - a Parallel Development, Eszter Babarczy

Part II: The State of Affairs: Voices from the Russian Art Scene
7. Culture as the Enemy: Contemporary Russian Art under the Authoritarian Regime, Andrei Erofeev
8. Voices from within the Art Scene. Interviews with Russian Artists, Andrei Erofeev and Irina Kochergina

Part III: Artistic Counter-Strategies
9. Dissensus and "Shimmering": Tergiversation as Politics, Daniil Leiderman
10. Humor as a Bulletproof Vest: Artists Embracing an Ironic Zeitgeist, Helena Goscilo
11. Demontage of Attractions, Stanislav Shuripa and Anna Titova
12. The Chto Delat School for Engaged Art and Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, Jonathan Platt
13. A Dilemma for the Contemporary Artist: "Revolutionary Pessimism" of Roman Osminkin, Mark Lipovetsky
14. Radical Art Actionism, Andrei Erofeev
15. Petr Pavlenskii and his Actions", Per-Arne Bodin
16. Document: Pavlenskii and Yasman: Dialogues about Art, Artist Petr Pavlenskii and Investigator Pavel Yasman

Part IV: Theatre: A Parallel Development
17. Theatre of a Period of Archaization, Pavel Rudnev
18. Non-conformist Theatre in Russia: Past and Present, Kristina Matvienko

About the Editors

Lena Jonson is a senior associate research fellow at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs.

Andrei Erofeev is a widely published art historian, curator, and former head of the contemporary art section of the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia.


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