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Religion and Politics in Central and Southeast Europe since 1989: The Catholic and Orthodox Churches in Times of Change

by: Sabrina P. Ramet
original title: L'Europa Centro Orientale Tra Religione e Politica: Cattolici Ortodossi e Nuovi Ordini Missionari dopo il 1989
published by: A. Longo editore
pp: 216
ISBN: 9788880635789
price: € 25.00

Book's frontpage

Since the collapse of the communist systems in 1989-1990 the conditions in which religious organizations in central and southeast Europe have been operating have profoundly changed.
The limits imposed on churches’ operations have disappeared and various missionary orders from abroad but especially from the United States, have settled in the ex-communist countries in hopes of obtaining new converts. In many countries the predominant churches have taken advantage of new legislation which is more favorable to their view of society.
An example is Poland, where the Catholic church obtained approval of a drastic anti-abortion law and a committee was founded to protect Christian values in radio and television. Sabrina P. Ramet, expert observer of changes in central and southeast Europe, analyzes the Catholic and Orthodox churches’ most recent experience and activities and the appearance in this region of new neo-Protestant missionary orders.


Table of contents


Chapter one
Nihil Obstat: the communist legacy and the new religious panoramalandscape

Chapter two
Thy will be done: the Catholic church and politics in Poland since 1989

Chapter three
The Catholic church between among Czechs and Slovaks

Chapter four
The Catholic church in Croatia after since 1990

Chapter five
The politics of the Serbian Orthodox church

Chapter six
Church and state in Romania before and after 1989

Chapter seven
The Bulgarian Orthodox church

Chapter eight
Missionaries, proselitysm and innovation

Chapter nine
Ego te Absolvo. The nature of political-religio-politicalus interaction

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