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Polish solidarity to Italy for Covid 19 crisis

Edited by Matteo Lunni


The Italian flag with the inscription “Solidarność” (Solidarity) beside was projected, Thursday 18th March, on the facade of the Palace of Polish President.
“Dear Italian friends, we are with you in these difficult days”, starts a note of the Polish Embassy press office for showing to Italians the initiative of their country Presidency.
In many other States Institutional buildings are illuminate with Italian “tricolour” for demonstrate friendship during the sanitary crisis of Covid 19 virus, that is scourging Italy with thousands of sick and dead.
But Polish initiative is quite different from the others, because it is full of meanings coming from the history.
“Poland is close to Italy, as it was in the most difficult moments of the history. We always struggled together”, explains Embassy note, citing as an example National anthems in which both Countries are mentioned to each other.
Anthems remember Austrian domination over Italians and Poles. Struggle for freedom during First and Second World War are other important common moments, as the aid Italy gives to Poles during martial law (1982 - ’83), in the transition from communism to democracy and for entering in NATO and UE.
“Together we are stronger, together we’ll make it!”, ends the note, and in the next future cooperation will be important for health and economic reasons.
Nowadays (22th March) in Poland there are only 563 cases of infection while in Italy 59.136, so Poland may be help Italian health system or, at the contrary, if cases, in next months, will grove in Poland and decrease in Italy, the second could help the first with materials and know how.
The other issue is economy. After months of lock down Italian economy may face a deep recession, if Polish economy will be less influenced by global crises can help Italian one to restart: in 2019 Italy was forth Polish partner for import.
And more together they can apply pression over European Institutions for weaken dept limits and planning huge measures for public investments and growth.


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