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Tuesday May 21, 2024
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Peacebuilding, Mediation, Conflict Resolution, Security and Intercultural Dialogue

Visitor Researcher Program, VRP


Conference venue
: Switzerland

Description of the Project

It`s delighted to announce call for Researchers for our new 1 Year Visitor Research Program, VRP in Switzerland. The main aim of the Visitor Research Program is to improve research skills of the researchers through academic trainings, peer to peer education, visit to Swiss Organisations and reading materials.

Visitor Researchers will be right to join all the academic programs during the research period. During the VRP period the visitor researchers must to prepare minimum 10 pages research material which surrounds one of the main 5 Topics: Peacebuilding, Mediation, Conflict Resolution, Security and Intercultural Dialogue.

Visitor Researchers will be chance also to visit Swiss Organisations to acquaintance closely with them activities and programs in Switzerland and worldwide level.

Potential Participants

There are no age or country limits for the participation. A broad range of the interested participants such as:

  • Representatives of Government Institutions, Diplomatic Missions and Courts: To get knowledge on how to deal, manage and solve conflicts between states, between civil society leaders, political party leaders and between government-civil society institutions.
  • Representatives of Business Institutions and Private Sector: To get knowledge on how to deal, manage and solve conflicts with potential clients, with business partners, between employers and between employer-leadership.
  • Representatives of Religious Organizations and Political Parties: To get knowledge on how to deal with potential tensions and conflicts, between the various religions, race, faiths and divergence of political. opinions.
  • Representatives of IOs, INGOs and Local NGOs: To get knowledge on how to deal, manage and solve conflicts in conflict region and fields between conflict parties, civil society and political party leaders.
  • Representatives of Universities and Academic Staff: To get knowledge on how to develop teaching, study and research methodologies.
  • Representatives of Media Institution: To get knowledge on how to deal, manage and solve conflicts in conflict region and fields.
  • Mediators, Peacebuilders, Researchers and any interested people who want to develop their academic knowledge and capacities in Peacebuilding, Mediation, Conflict Resolution and Intercultural Dialogue, who have intention to work as mediator, who wants to join missions in conflict regions, who wants to investigate academically and who work or live in countries/society with ongoing tensions and stress.

Guidelines for submission

Participation Fee

- Double Room Stay (Room for 2 participants) for 1 Year Period: 17500EUR                               
- Single Room Stay (Room for 1 participant) for 1 Year Period: 19500EUR                                   

What is included in the participation fee during 1 Year Research period?

- Accommodation for whole 1 Year Research Period
- Lunch Expenses during the 11 Days Academic Trainings
- Coffee-Break expenses during the 11 Days Academic Trainings
- Course & Stationary Materials (File, notebook and pen)
- WiFi Free Internet Connection
- Program fee

What is not included in the participation fee?

Extra accommodation nights and meal expenses, international travel and travel related expenses (visa & insurance fee expenses) are not included in the participation fee. Participation fee does not cover the extra persons’ (family members, relatives, friends, colleagues etc.) accommodation and meal expenses.


IPD offers several type of scholarship support to reduction the participation fee amount for most needed potential researchers from all over the world counties. In this matter to request discount on the participation fee amount payment, please write your request briefly via email before or during the application submission period. Unfortunately IPD scholarship program can’t cover all the participation fee amount and international travel expenses.

Participation Procedure Step by Step:

1. Submitting filled application in WORD format, CV, University Diploma + scanned passport page

2. Participant will receive Invoice to start the payment of the requested participation fee amount due to the offered deadline.

3. When the requested fee transferred to the mentioned bank account, participant will receive invitation letter via email and if there have visa application process we will send invitation letter by post and also to the relevant embassy by fax or email.

Application Submission Process

Please fill and send your application documents via email to
Please send your application in WORD format with your CV, Passport Page (Only photo page), University Diploma and name the documents as “NAME” “SURNAME” “COUNTRY” “DOCUMENTS NAME”

Information & contacts

Fakhrinur Huseynli
Institute for Peace & Dialogue, IPD

Eschenstrasse 4, 6020 Emmenbrücke,
Luzern, Switzerland



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