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This area gives access to a large collection of news resources, both printed and online, and offers information about academic journals, scholarly publications and books

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News, analysis websites and blogs about the Caucasus

Here you can find basic information about news and analysis websites dealing with the Caucasus, as well as news agencies and blogs frpm scholars and academicians, with direct links.

Central Asia-Caucasus Institute Analyst

Description: Central Asia-Caucasus Institute Analyst is an English language  web journal devoted to analysis of the current issues facing the Central Asia-Caucasus region. Published every two weeks by the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute & Silk Road Studies Program Joint Center of the Johns Hopkins University, it provides quality analysis and news in brief about the region.
Language: English
Archive: since 2000, freely available

Visit the website of Central Asia-Caucasus Institute Analyst

Caucasian Knot

Title in Russian: Кавказский Узел
Description: The Caucasian Knot is a news website based on the the human rights Memorial organization. It provides updated news about the region, with a particular attention toward human right issue, local politics and media freedom.
Languages: Russian, English
Archive: freely available

Visit the website of Caucasian Knot in Russian
Visit the website of Caucasian Knot in English

Caucasian Review of International Affairs

Description: The Caucasian Review of International Affairs is a quarterly peer-reviewed free, non-profit and online academic journal. It offers free access to all its contents, mostly focused on regional conflicts, energy related issues and geopolitics.
Languages: English, Azeri
Archive: since 2006, freely available

Visit the website of the Caucasian Review of International Affairs


Description: is a Tbilisi-based weekly online magazine authored mainly by French and European experts. It publishes weekly news and analysis about the Southern Caucasus.
Languages: English, German, French
Archive: since 2004, freely available

Visit the website of Caucaz

Description: provides information and analysis about political, economic, environmental and social developments in the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus, as well as in Russia, the Middle East, and Southwest Asia. The project, based in New York, is financed by the Open Society Institute.
Languages: English, Russian
Archive: since 2002, freely available

Visit the website of

Osservatorio Caucaso

Description: Osservatorio Caucaso provides news about political, social and cultural events in the Caucasus region. Based in Italy, it is the main website publishing news about the region in Italian.
Language: Italian
Archive: since 1999, freely available

Visit the website of Osservatorio Caucaso


Marilisa Lorusso's Blog

Descritpion: the purpose of the blog is to sum up, at the end of every week, the main events which occurred in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.
Usually every post covers the three of them, with exceptions every now and then. The regional context is sometimes taken into consideration with rapid peers to Iran, Turkey and Russia and the role they play in the region, together with other actors.
Mostly political events are covered, but also economic and social ones may pop up.
Language: English

Visit Marilisa Lorusso's Blog


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