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National Perspectives on Russia

European Foreign Policy in the Making?

edited by: Maxine David, Jackie Gower, Hiski Haukkala
published by: Routledge
pp: 288
ISBN: 978-1-13-889808-0
price: Paperback - $49.95; Hardback - $140.00

Book's frontpage

This book presents a ground-breaking comparative study of the bilateral relations of all 27 EU member states with Russia and an assessment of their impact on the EU’s efforts to conduct a coherent and effective policy towards its most important neighbour.
While there has been a lot of research on European foreign policy, there has been much less on the role that national foreign policies play in it. Based on a common analytical framework, this book offers a detailed analysis of ‘national perspectives on Russia’ and how they interact with and affect policymaking at the EU-level. The authors provide deep insights into the relationship between individual states and Russia looking at a range of policy areas: economics, trade, energy, security, culture and education. They are not only interested in examining policy failure but also probing the possibilities of seeing national foreign policies and the bilateralism with third parties that they often entail as a potentially positive resource for the European Union.
As Russia is an example of a particularly hard case for EU foreign policy, this book yields important insights concerning the possibilities as well as limits of developing a common EU policy in the future. It will be of interest to students and scholars of European politics, EU Studies, Russian politics, foreign policy studies and international politics.


Table of contents

1. Introduction Maxine David, Jackie Gower and Hiski Haukkala
2. Germany Susan Stewart
3. France Rachel Le Noan
4. Ireland and the United Kingdom Maxine David
5. Italy Riccardo Alcaro
6. Poland Bartosz Cichocki
7. Portugal and Spain Licínia Simão
8. Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands Tom Casier
9. Denmark, Finland and Sweden Tobias Etzold and Hiski Haukkala
10. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania Ainius Lašas and David J. Galbreath
11. Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia Martin Dangerfield
12. Bulgaria Diana Bozhilova
13. Romania Mircea Micu
14. Austria Paul Luif and Martin Malek
15. Slovenia Jackie Gower
16. Malta Arsalan Alshinawi
17. Cyprus and Greece George Christou
18. Conclusion

Author Bio

Maxine David is a Lecturer in European Politics in the School of Politics at University of Surrey, UK.
Jackie Gower is a Teaching Fellow in the Department of War Studies at King’s College London, UK.
Hiski Haukkala is a Professor of International Relations at the University of Tampere, Finland.


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