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Italian strategy in the Arctic

January 2017 | #57

by: Maria L. Lagutina
pp: 25
ISSN: 2038-632X


This article analyzes the interests of the Italian Republic in the Arctic. Despite the geographical remoteness of Italy from the Arctic, the interest of the Italians to the Arctic cooperation due to historical reasons: the Italians were involved in the study of the Arctic since the late XIX century. Scientific achievements in the field of Arctic studies ensured Italy a place in the “Arctic club non-Arctic countries”. In 2013 Italy became an observer in the Arctic Council and in 2016 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy presented the document “The Italian strategy in the Arctic”, where the country's interests in the region were defined. Thus, Italy has outlined the importance of the Arctic areas in its policy. The last part of this article is devoted to the Italian-Russian cooperation in the Arctic.  Russia is one of the most important partners of Italy in the Arctic affairs. Because the economic interests have priority for both parties, the main bilateral cooperation projects focused in the field of energy and transport. The author concludes that in the short term Italy will develop its Arctic diplomacy and policy mainly through scientific and economic cooperation on all levels.



Arctic, Italy, strategy, diplomacy, international cooperation, Arctic Council, permanent observer, Russia, European Union, ENI, Rosneft, Arctic policy.

Table of contents

Key words
History of Italy’s involvement in the Arctic
Italy in the modern Arctic: political dimension
Russian-Italian cooperation in the Arctic: problems and prospects of cooperation

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