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Russian radio and television channels

Here you will find basic information about Russian radio and television channels that dedicate particular attention to news and information.

Ekho Moskvy

Title in English: Echo of Moscow
: Ekho of Moscow is Russian radio station focussed on news and talk shows dealing mainly with social and political issues. In spite of the fact that Gazprom Media has become its majority stakeholder, Ekho of Moscow generally gives space to different opinions. Full text transcriptions of interviews with opinionist and political figures are freely available.
Language: Russian
Archive: since 1999, freely available

Pervy Kanal

Title in English: First Channel
:Website of the state owned Russian "First Channel". It allows to read and watch news, also from its archives. It is possible to watch films and TV series as well, but only in online streaming.
Language: Russian
Archive: free access to news clips

Radio Mayak

Title in English: Radio Beacon
: Radio Mayak is a news and entertainment Russian radio station. It offers updated news, as well as different talk shows. It is possible to listen to archived interviews and broadcasts.
Language: Russian
Archive: since 2006, freely available

Russia Today

Description: Russia Today is an English Language news channel, founded in 2005 by Russia's biggest news agency, "Ria Novosti",  with the aim of promoting the Russian point of view on Russian and world affairs. Besides allowing high quality live streaming of its broadcast, Russia Today has an own YouTube channel where news highlights are stored.
: Engglish, Russian
: since 2005, freely available

Visit the website of Russia Today (in English)


Title in English: News
: The website of Russian news TV channel "Vesti" allows you to watch news, in both text only or video form. It allows to watch TV in live streaming or single news items since 2002.
Language: Russian
Archive: since 2002, freely available

Voice of Russia

Description: The Voice of Russia is a state funded network of radio broadcasting in Russian and in a number of other languages in the countries of the former Soviet Union and in other regions. It provides information about contemporary Russia, as well as about Russian culture and language. It is meant for the Russian diaspora abroad and for people interested in the Russian world.
: Russian, English, and most widespread European and Asian languages
: since 2001, freely available


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