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Globalization and Nationalism

The Cases of Georgia and the Basque Country

by: Natalie Sabanadze
published by
: Central European University Press
pp: 218
ISBN: 978-963-9776-53-1
price: € 29.95

Book's frontpage

Argues for an original, unorthodox conception about the relationship between globalization and contemporary nationalism. While the prevailing view holds that nationalism and globalization are forces of clashing opposition, Sabanadze establishes that these tend to become allied forces. Acknowledges that nationalism does react against the rising globalization and represents a form of resistance against globalizing influences, but the Basque and Georgian cases prove that globalization and nationalism can be complementary rather than contradictory tendencies.

Nationalists have often served as promoters of globalization, seeking out globalizing influences and engaging with global actors out of their very nationalist interests. In the case of both Georgia and the Basque Country, there is little evidence suggesting the existence of strong, politically organized nationalist opposition to globalization.
Discusses why, on a broader scale, different forms of nationalism develop differing attitudes towards globalization and engage in different relationships.


Table of contents

Nationalism Resurgent: Central Paradox of the Global Era?

Globalization Hypothesis and Its Fallacies

Globalization and Georgian Nationalism

Globalization and Basque Nationalism

Globalization and Nationalism: the Relationship Revisited





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