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Gender Inequaity in the Eastern European Labour Market

by: Giovanni Razzu
published by: Routledge
pp: 288
ISBN: 9781138999855
Date of publication:
March 30th 2016. Not yet available

Book's frontpage

Under communism there was in the countries of Eastern Europe a very high level of gender equality, with a high participation rate by women in the labour market and with pay on a par with that of men. The transition from communism has upset this situation, with different impacts in the different countries. This book presents a comprehensive overview of gender and the labour market since the fall of communism in a wide range of eastern European countries. Each country chapter describes the nature of inequality in the particular country, and goes on to examine the factors responsible for this, including government policies, changing social attitudes, levels of educational attainment and the impact of mother hood. Overall the book provides an interesting contrast to the situation in Western developed countries, where women’s participation in the labour market has been rising, their educational attainments improving and their jobs beginning to reflect their personal qualification levels, and where there is an erroneous assumption that similar trends prevail elsewhere.


Table of contents

Introduction Giovanni Razzu
1. The Wider Context Giovanni Razzu
2. Bulgaria
3. The Czech Republic Maryola Ptlykova
4. East Germany Friederike Maier
5. Estonia Rein Voormann
6. Hungary Eva Fodor
7. Latvia Olga Rastrigina
8. Lithuania Boguslavas Gruzevskis
9. Poland Piotr Lewandowski
10. Romania Giovanni Razzu
11. Slovakia Martin Kahanec
12. Slovenia
13. Conclusion Giovanni Razzu

About the Author

Giovanni Razzu is Professor of Economics of Public Policy at the University of Reading.
Before joining the University in November 2012, Professor Razzu has been a Government Economist for almost ten years, in the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, Cabinet Office and Government Equalities Office (GEO). He has been Lead Analyst for the independent Equalities Review, which produced the report "Fairness and Freedom" and launched a new Equality Measurement Framework based on the capabilities approach. He has also been Acting Chief Economist in GEO from its establishment until 2008 and has led the Secretariat to the National Equality Panel from 2008 to 2010, which produced the influential "An Anatomy of Economic Inequality in the UK". He is now the UK representative on the Expert Group of the European Institute for Gender Equality.


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