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Fashion and the Consumer Revolution in Contemporary Russia

by:Olga Gurova
published by: Routledge
pp: 182
ISBN: 978-0-415-84135-1
price: $ 155, Hardback

Book's frontpage

This book explores how clothing consumption has changed in Russia in the past 20 years as capitalism has grown in a postsocialist state, bringing with it a "consumer revolution." It shows how there has been and continues to be a massive change in the fashion retail market and how ideal lifestyles portrayed in glossy magazines and other media have contributed to the consumer revolution, as have shifts in the social structure and everyday life. Overall, the book, which includes the findings of extensive original research, including in-depth interviews with consumers, relates changes in fashion and retail to changing outlooks, identities, and ideologies in Russia more generally. The mentioned changes are also linked to the theoretical concept of fashion formed in postsocialist society.


Table of contents

Introduction: "We Started to Dress more Better"

1. Media and the Ideology of Consumption and Fashion: The Case of Krestianka

2. From Shuttle Traders to Shopping Malls: Retail Trade Transformations and Consumer Experience

3. "We are not Rich Enough to Buy Cheap Things": The Middle Class as a Clothing Consumer

4. "People Dress so Brightly Here!": Exploring Social Distinctions Through Clothing

5. "When I Put on a Fur Coat, Everyone Knows I am Russian": Clothing Consumption of Russian Migrants in Finland

6. From Russia to Finland: Exploring Cross-border Shopping

7. Fashion and Time: The Lifespan of Clothing

8. "Semiotic Baggage" and Fashion Conclusion

About the Author

Olga Gurova is an Academy of Finland research fellow, Department of Social Research, University of Helsinki, Finland.


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