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Europeanisation of Justice and Home Affairs in Hungary: between formal and substantial transformation

by: Endri Xhaferaj
published by: Verlag Dr Muller
pp: 140
ISBN-10: 363924673X  
ISBN-13: 978-3639246735
price: £53.00

Book's frontpage

The broad area of studies, in which the research is focused, is the European Union. The most obvious motivation in developing a research in EU related issues is to contribute to the ‘discovery’ of the functioning of the (non)institutional mechanisms of this fascinating ‘unidentified political object’. The research deals with the concept and process of Europeanization of Justice and Home Affairs. The selection of this branch of studies is linked to two considerations; first of all, to the intrigue of the cause-effects of the process, secondly to the extensive characteristics of the notion itself. The academic research in this issue is relatively new and concerns primarily the Member States of the EU. Much less is done on the effects of Europeanization on candidate, potential candidate and neighbouring countries, as far as Justice and Home Affairs is concerned. Thus, the further challenge of the academic world remains the scientific explanation of the empirical evidence of EU institutions’ influence in these countries, especially with regard to the Community Assistance Programs.


Table of contents



1. Theoretical Debate and Approaches to Europeanization 
2. The Enalrgement Process and Its Consequences for Hungary
2.1 The enlargement process and its consequences for Europeanization           
2.2 Instruments of the pre-accession and the negotiation process         
2.3 Hungarian political system           

3. Europeanization of Justice and Home affairs in Hungary
3.1 The Justice and Home Affairs acquis communautaire              
3.2 Europeanisation of the Justice system in Hungary
3.3 Europeanization of Home Affairs 
3.4 The PHARE Program     

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