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Ethnic Conflict Management

The Case of Former Yugoslavia

edited by: Dušan Janjič
published by: A. Longo Editore
pp: 200
ISBN: 88-8063-146-2
price: € 15.49

Book's frontpage

This collection of theoretical and empirical papers, written by leading Yugoslav experts (V. Goati, D. Janjić, I. Siber, T. Varady...) is a study of the social and political actors involved in ethnic conflicts in the former Yugoslavia.

The book focuses on outstanding issues of the crisis and on the inter-ethnic civil war (Croatian-Serbian, Muslim-Serbian, Croatian-Muslim) which aims to build an ethnically pure state, analysing them from the point of view of peaceful and democratic conflict management.
It develops a comprehensive theoretical vision of the nation, nationalism and ethnic conflict in the former Yugoslavia, the Balkans and Central-Eastern Europe, and regards the termination of the process of national (chauvinist) homogenization as the top priority.



Editor's note, Dušan Janjič

Dušan Janjić, Ethnic conflicts and the breakup of former Yugoslavia
Vladimir Goati, The impact of parliamentary democracy on ethnic relations in Yugoslavia, 1989-1995
Ivan Siber, Psychological approaches to ethnic conflict in the territories of former Yugoslavia
Tibor Varady, Minorities, majorities,  law and ethnicity: reflections on the Yugoslav case
Dušan Janjič, The management of ethnic conflict and the crisis of national identity



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