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Eastern Orthodox Encounters of Identity and Otherness

Values, Self-Reflection, Dialogue


edited by: Andrii Krawchuk, Thomas Bremer
published by
: Palgrave Macmillan
£60.00 | $85.50 (hardcover), $67.72 (Kindle)

Book's frontpage

From diverse international and multi-disciplinary perspectives, the contributors to this volume analyze the experiences, challenges and responses of Orthodox churches to the foundational transformations associated with the dissolution of the USSR. Those transformations heightened the urgency of questions about Orthodox identity and relations with the world - states, societies, and the religious and cultural other.
The volume focuses on six distinct concepts: Orthodox identity, perceptions of the 'other,' critiques of the West, European values, interreligious progress, and new and uncharted challenges that have arisen with the expansion of Russian Orthodox activity.


Table of contents

Introduction by Andrii Krawchuk

Part I:     The Ecclesial Self: Traditional Identities and the  Challenges  of  Pluralism
1.  Jennifer Wasmuth:   Russian  Orthodoxy  between  State  and  Nation                                                     
2.  Alfons Brüning:   Morality  and  Patriotism:  Continuity  and  Change  in  Russian Orthodox Occidentalism since the Soviet Era                                                     
3.  Daniela Kalkandjieva:   The Bulgarian Orthodox Church at the Crossroads: Between  Nationalism  and  Pluralism                                       
4.  Anna Briskina-Müller:   The Search for a New Church Consciousness in Current Russian  Orthodox  Discourse                                                                            
Part II:     Perceptions of the Religious Other: Difference  and  Convergence        

5.  Thomas Bremer:   Between  Admiration  and  Refusal:  Roman  Catholic  Perceptions of  Orthodoxy                                                                                                             
6.  Dagmar Heller:   Apostolic  Continuity  in  Contradiction  to  Liberalism?  Fields  of Tension between Churches in the East and the West                                            
7.  Ciprian Ghișa:   The Image of the Roman Catholic Church in the Orthodox Press  of  Romania,  1918–1940
8.  Natalia Kochan:   “Oh, East Is East, and West Is West ...”: The Character of Orthodox-Greek Catholic Discourse in Ukraine and Its Regional Dimensions 

Part III:     Orthodox Critiques of the West          

9.  Vasilios N. Makrides:   “ The Barbarian West”: A Form of Orthodox Christian Anti-Western  Critique 
10.  Julia Anna Lis:   Anti-Western  Th  eology in Greece and Serbia Today 
11.  Regina Elsner:   The Russian Orthodox Church on the Values of Modern Society                    

Part IV:     Encounters with European Values

12.  Tina Olteanu and Dorothée de Nève:   Eastern Orthodoxy and the Processes of European Integration                        
13.  Mikhail Zherebyatyev:   The Russian Orthodox Church’s Interpretation of European Legal Values  (1990–2011) 
14.  Olga Kazmina:   The Russian Orthodox Church in a New Situation in Russia: Challenges  and  Responses  

Part  V:     Prospects  for  Religious  Encounter, Consensus,  and  Cooperation      

15.  Matthew Baker:   Neopatristic  Synthesis  and  Ecumenism:  Toward  the  “Reintegration” of  Christian  Tradition 
16.  Christoph Mühl:   Justification in the Theological Conversations between Representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Protestant Churches in Germany  
17.  Andrii Krawchuk:   Constructing Interreligious Consensus in  the  Post-Soviet  Space: The Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations 

Part VI:     Emerging Encounters and New Challenges in Post-Soviet Central  Asia

18.  Andrii Krawchuk:   Muslim-Orthodox Relations in Russia: Contextual Readings of A Common Word        
19.  Galina M. Yemelianova:   Radical  Islam  in  the  Ferghana  Valley                                                          
20.  Michael Fredholm:   Uzbek Islamic Extremists in the Civil Wars of Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan: From Radical Islamic Awakening in the Ferghana Valley to Terrorism with Islamic Vocabulary in Waziristan      

About the Contributors          


About the Editors

Andrii Krawchuk is Assistant Professor of church history and Christian ethics at the Faculty of Theology at St. Paul University in Ottawa. His is also an associate of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies and of the Sheptytsky Institute.

Thomas Bremer is a Professor of Ecumenical Theology (Eastern Churches) and Peace Studies at the University of Münster in Germany.


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