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East, rivista internazionale di geopolitica
European Regional Master's Degree in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe

Dandolov, Philip Ivanov

Affiliation: University of Bath until June 2014
Full title: Doctor
Address: 80 Ami Bue Street, 1612, Sofia, Bulgaria


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Main recent articles

  • Dandolov, Philip, Bulgarian national identity in an era of European integration, Open Democracy, 2012.
  • Dandolov, Philip, Bulgarian parliamentary elections aftermath – descent into the unknown, Open Democracy, 2014.
  • Dandolov, Philip, Paradoxes of populism – the PVV, geopolitical turbulences and the Eastern European as the “other”, Journal of Foreign Policy, 2014.
  • Dandolov, Philip, National Security in the Context of Europeanization, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, expected 2015.


  • AURE (Agency for Sustainable Development and Eurointegration)

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