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National history and European vocation (in Italian)

Croazia. Storia nazionale e vocazione europea

by: Ludwig Steindorff
translated by: Piero Budinich and Sarina Reina
original title: "Croazia. Storia nazionale e vocazione europea"
published by: Beit
pp: 320
ISBN: 978-88-95324-03-6
price: € 20.00

Book's frontpage

The Croatian people, facing the Adriatic but rooted in a continental tradition that is historically closer to the Hungarian hinterland than the Slovene northeast and the German language, found itself for centuries defending its Catholic identity at the crossroads of a conflict of different nationalities and beliefs, from Greater Serbian Orthodoxy to the nearby Ottoman Empire.
Today Croatia, which first proclaimed itself faithful to the Habsburg Empire (1527) and then claimed the Croatian nation’s autonomy in the conflict of nationalities that led to the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, is still searching for its new identity, which it sees as close to Europe but is proudly conscious of its secular national history. An historical excursion to get to know a country close to Italy and an aspiring member of the European Union.    


Table of contents

Antiquity and Ethnogenesis
The Early Middle Ages (9th – 11th centuries)
The Autumn of the Middle Ages (from the 12th century to 1526)
The Culture of the Glagolithic Script
The Early Modern Era (16th – 18th centuries)
The Long 19th Century                                   
World War I and the Post-War Years
World War II in Croatia (1941-1945)
Croatia in Socialist Yugoslavia (1945-1990)
Croatia as an Independent State
Epilogue by Egidio Ivetic´
Index of Names
Index of Places


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