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Creating Kosovo

International Oversight and the Making of Ethical Institutions

edited by: Elton Skendaj
published by
: Cornell University Press
pp: 248
ISBN: 9780801452949
price: $ 43,85 | £ 32,98

Book's frontpage

In shaping the institutions of a new country, what interventions from international actors lead to success and failure? Elton Skendaj's investigation into Kosovo, based on national survey data, interviews, and focus groups conducted over ten months of fieldwork, leads to some surprising answers. Creating Kosovo highlights efforts to build the police force, the central government, courts, and a customs service.
Skendaj finds that central administration and the courts, which had been developed under local authority, succumbed to cronyism and corruption, challenging the premise that local "ownership" leads to more effective state bureaucracies. The police force and customs service, directly managed by international actors, were held to a meritocratic standard, fulfilling their missions and winning public respect. On the other hand, local participation and contestation supported democratic institutions. When international actors supported the demobilization of popular movements, Creating Kosovo shows, they undermined the ability of the public to hold elected officials accountable.


Table of contents

List of Tables
List of Figures
List of Abbreviations

1. Building Effective Bureaucracies and Promoting Democracy in Kosovo
2. Contested Statehood
3. Deadly Cocktail
4. Without Fear or Favor
5. Mass Mobilization and Democracy in Kosovo
6. Creating Constituencies for State Building and Democratization


List of Tables

1.1 Core State Functions of Bureaucracies
1.2 Transaction Intensity and Specificity
1.3 Ranking of Bureaucracies by Susceptibility to Corruption
1.4 Measures of Bureaucratic Effectiveness and the Type of International Approach

3.1 The Responsibilities of International Organizations

4.1 Human Trafficking in Kosovo
4.2 Human Trafficking Cases versus Indiviual Convictions in Kosovo

5.1 Electoral Results in Parliamentary Elections in Kosovo, Selected Years (percent and number of seats)
5.2 Coalitions of Parties in Power
5.3 Voter Turnout in Competitive Elections in Kosobo since 1999
5.4 Common Responses to a Poll Question about the Meaning of Democracy (percent)
5.5 NGO Sustainability in Kosovo, 1999-2012
5.6 Responses to the survey Question "Do any of these actors hold the Kosovo government accountable?"

6.1 Percentage of the Adult Afghan Population Who Paid at Least One Bribe during the Past Twelve Months, by Type of Public Official Requesting the Bribe


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